Thin Skin + Injectable Fillers

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Would Under Eye Fillers Help Me?

Hi, I have hollows under my eyes, would fillers help my situation? My under eye area is very thin with visible veins underneath. Would this cause more... READ MORE

Remedies for Deep Hollows Under Eyes and Extremely Thin Skin for 16 Year Old? (photo)

I am 16 and have very deep, dark hollows under my eyes, and very thin skin, thinner then average. Make up does not work for me, and I don't know what... READ MORE

Dermal Fillers For Eye Hollows. Is it Possible to Get Desired Results in One Visit? (photo)

I would like to get dermal fillers for my eyes. I have always have eye hollowness, but it seems worse as I age. The skin in my eye area seems thinner,... READ MORE

What's the best treatment for under-eye thinning/crepiness and fine lines?

I'm developing under-eye crepeyness and lines which I assume is due to thinning of the skin, it's also slightly hollow. I use tretinoin and have botox... READ MORE

Which would be best to treat dark under eye circles and thin skin, a Filler or Cool Laser Treatment? (photos)

I'm in my late 20's and I always get asked if I was crying or if I'm tired. I have deep dark reddish/purple circles underneath my eyes. I try to get... READ MORE

Are there any treatment options available for under eye veins on really thin skin? (photos)

22 y/o female. I have the worst under eye circles I have ever seen and very thin skin. What really concerns me is the visible blue veins under my eyes... READ MORE

Thin skin, hallows, filler. Would radiofrequency be a good option, or something else?

37 years old... Good skin, healthy lifestyle and lost a a lot of weight. With weight loss comes skin issues. I will have to have some things done to... READ MORE

Would fillers be suitable for my under eye hollows? Is it safer to get fillers injected in your upper cheeks? (photos)

I'm 21 years old and I've had under eye hollows/dark bags for as long as I can remember. My skin is thin around my eyes and you can see veins... READ MORE

Can injections under the eye for hollowness cause sagging or worse appearance later on?

I am looking into options for the hollowness and thin skin under my eyes. I have severe dark circles and when I smile the muscle under my eye is very... READ MORE

What's the best filler in the tear trough area for thin skin?

I have been to 4 doctors none want to take on filler due to the thin skin last visit was 2 years ago am I damned or is there a reliable filler? READ MORE

Selphyl for Under Eye Area w/ Thin Skin

Is Selphyl good around under Eye with Very Thin Skin and Brow area. I heard the Doctor has to use a Big Needle to inject.How deep does it get injected... READ MORE

Is There Anything That Can Be Done About the Waxy Glow You Sometimes See with Fillers?

I've had juvederm put in my lower cheeks and cheek bones. My concern is the waxy glow you often see where the filler is placed. Its less a problem... READ MORE

I am 32 yrs with thin sensitive skin with tear troughs and nasolabial folds/lines. What would you recommend? (photo)

I am 32 yrs with thin sensitive skin with tear troughs and nasolabial folds/lines. I would like to look fresh and healthy. I am pretty terified of... READ MORE

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