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Any Way to Use Injectable Fillers for the Temple Area?

I have found that doctors are not keen to even try to put injectable fillers in the temple area. Even your own fat. I have asked three plastic... READ MORE

What is the Best Filler for Temples?

I had quite a bit of collagen/fat loss in my temples over the years. I was always very thin. What would be the best filler in that area? READ MORE

How Safe is It to Have Dermal Fillers Injected into Temples?

This area seems so dangerous to inject, or is it the under eye area that blindness can occur? My derm suggested that I think about having this area... READ MORE

Best Injectable for Filling the Temple / Lifting the Brow Area?

Hello I notice that if a filler is used at the point of the temple and also more upward, toward the end of the eyebrow, that can give a sort of brow... READ MORE

Risk of Filler Injection for Causing Blindness? (photo)

I have a depressed scar on my temple area which is about 1x2cm^2. It is shallow, i'd say <0.4mm, but it's obvious in certain lightings. I... READ MORE

I have volume loss in my temple area and lower face; would you suggest fillers or fat grafting? (photos)

I have volume loss in the temple area and lower face (i have restylane under my eyes which caused discoloration). i would like to do filler or fat... READ MORE

Does Anyone Know What That Crunchy Sound is when Having Fillers Done?

A week ago i had radiesse dermal fillers done in my temples under the skin, while the doctor was piercing me with the needle i heard a crackling sound... READ MORE

What filler is good for temples? (Photo)

I want to know what filler is best for temples? Also I was wonder if I should get some in my cheek area. My cheek bones show so much and I really... READ MORE

Can adding filler at my temples give my whole face a slight lift?

I went to my derm because I feel I've started to look a little tired ( all the time) and wanted to see what she'd suggest. I'm 35 and have used... READ MORE

Likeliness of Filler Injection for Causing Blindness?

I have a depressed scar on my temple. It is not so deep, <0.4mm but obvious in certain angles. While I considered the autologous fibroblast... READ MORE

What is the Best Temporal or Permanent Filler to Level a Burr Hole and and Irregular Dents in the Temporal Region? (photo)

I have a burr hole that was filled with Hyaluronic Acid Suceev Three. It was completely gone for a couple of weeks but it gradually reappeared . I've... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for my hollow temples? (photos)

I had Scuptra on my temples on 11/4/14, it had been 2 months, I have not seen result yet, I like to try something else to see result right away, any... READ MORE

What is the best filler for chicken pox scars in temple area? (photos)

The scars happened over 20 years ago and most of the scars were left in the temple area and ancouple around the face. I'm looking for a good filler... READ MORE

Filler moved from my upper cheek towards my temple. Why is this happening?

I had filler injected in my upper cheek and it drastically moved upwards towards my temple area and I had other fillers move as well from this nurse... READ MORE

Can I do fillers six weeks after Fat Grafting,

I had fat grafting over a week ago and it didn't take (only skightly on my cheeks where i didn't even want it because they are already high and full).... READ MORE

Possible problem with first time HA temple filler?

Temples injected with HA filler, needle just below the skin. First time. During left temple, sudden urgent pressing, Dr. abruptly left, returned after... READ MORE

Which tightening procedures are okay to get when you have Hyaluronic acid fillers?

Hello! I have filler in my temples, under-eye, and a good amount on my chin. What skin tightening lasers--such as Accent, Thermage, Ulthera, Titan,... READ MORE

Why I cannot find any experienced doctors in the Washington DC area for injecting fillers in the temple area?

I do not want to offend anyone in the Washington DC area, but I have been researching for a long time and it appears that most of the doctors that... READ MORE

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