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What Will Be the Worst Side Effects of Dermal Fillers Like Radiesse, Sculptra, Restylane, Silicone and Collagen?

I just want to know what will be the bad effects of it when put it in the desired part like face becuse im afraid for any complications. i am planning... READ MORE

What Causes Fainting from a Wrinkle Filler Injection?

My friend said that when she got Juvederm injected in her nasolabial folds, she passed out.  She said it wasn't that painful, so what would make... READ MORE

What Are the Possibe Side Effects of Esthelis?

Hi, i've been researching this product and have read alot of good things about it. I want a filler that will last long in my lips, and the... READ MORE

Burning Sensation Normal After Botox and Restylane Injections?

I had both Restylane and Botox in my face today. I am experiencing a burning sensation in the area with the highest concentration of both. That... READ MORE

What Caused my Bad Reaction to Lidocaine?

What caused my bad reaction to lidocaine? Is this kind of reaction to lidocaine common? I went to a med spa at the mall who was having a sale on... READ MORE

Hi I Have Quite Pronounced Lumps in my Lips

Hi I have had dermal fillers in my lips. I unfortunately didn't know that the practitioner injected permanent fillers into my lips. I am aware... READ MORE

Hyaluronic Acid Filler Side Effects?

Are there any sids effects for the hyaluronic acid filler? READ MORE

Large Hard Bump and Infection After Filler - Hematoma?

I got filler injected into my jawline five days ago. One day later, I noticed that the area seemed somewhat swollen. I assumed it was just some... READ MORE

I Have Lump Like Blister Feel to Touch on Face After Filler Why

I had filler nose to mouth lines and a big lump/spot formed it feels like blister to touch I'm 11/12 weeks post filler and it won't go right... READ MORE

Does Injecting the Cheeks with 2-4 Vials of Fillers Cause Skin Sagging and Volume Loss Once the Material is Reabsorbed?

I would like more volume in the cheeks but I don't want to create a filler-dependence, meaning that once I create that volume, in a few months I will... READ MORE

Appropriate Action when Your Doctor Makes a Filler Mistake

What do you feel is the right action to take when an MD makes a very unattractive filler mistake? He charged 3 times to dissolve it. Total cost $2,500... READ MORE

Is Precise PMMA Filler Safe?

Is Precise PMMA injectable filler (as it is known in Mexico) safe? What are the long terms effects? Is it better than implants? READ MORE

Dental Blocks Caution?

Are dental blocks safe or are there any bad side effects? READ MORE

Should I get filler around my mouth to remove the lines? (Photo)

I'm 27 and have had slight lines around my mouth since I was about 16 years old. I take excellent care of my skin and have virtually no wrinkles... READ MORE

Does the Injected Product Stretch out the Skin?

If I have the injections and then stop, will the skin have been stretched out? Will the skin then sag and wrinkle more if I don't continue the... READ MORE

Concerns About Filler in Nasolabial and Marionette Lines in Face, Will it Make my Face Look Fat?

I am a young looking 57 but nasolabial lines plus marionette lines and jowls, (although they are not very deep) give my age away. Will filler help or... READ MORE

Could Too Much Dermafill in One Area Cause Side Effects?

In my forehead and the area in between my eyebrows, I was injected Dermafill, and it looks puffy still after 2 days. Is this normal? Could this be a... READ MORE

Will Taking Prednisone Cause More Side Effects with Fillers and Lasers Like Radiesse, Gentle Waves, or BBL?

I am taking 20 mg of prednisone for arthritis daily. Will it cause more bruising or other side effects if I have Radiesse, Restylane, Gentle Waves LED... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Take Hyaluronic Acid and Alpha Lipoic DMAE Complex Supplements Together?

Should I expect any side effects? I have no allergies and my only medical condition is hypothyroidism. READ MORE

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