Sagging + Injectable Fillers

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Jowls Are Starting to Appear, What Do I Do?

I am in my late 30's. I noticed that the area on the side of mouth (smile lines) is sagging a little. Do you think I need a lower face lift or will... READ MORE

Large Stretched Pores Caused by Sagging Skin?

I am 37 and of Indian heritage. I have slight sagging of skin on cheeks which is making my already enlarged pores look elongated to the point where... READ MORE

Does Injecting the Cheeks with 2-4 Vials of Fillers Cause Skin Sagging and Volume Loss Once the Material is Reabsorbed?

I would like more volume in the cheeks but I don't want to create a filler-dependence, meaning that once I create that volume, in a few months I will... READ MORE

Does the Weight from the Filler Drag Down the Face After a While?

Just wondering for cheeck fillers, if the muscle drags down more after a while because of this weight. READ MORE

Do fillers work well and which one would give me the results I'm looking for? (Photo)

Im 45 years old. I feel the skin around my mouth and lower face is sagging a bit. I feel I'm too young for a face lift and would like suggestions on... READ MORE

What is the best way to prevent premature aging? (Photo)

I'm 18 yr old male and I've noticed the skin on my face starting to look more tired looking such as the skin under my eyes sagging making a line under... READ MORE

Am I a Good Candidate for Fillers? Sagging Eyes

Hey everyone, I am 25 and have prominent tear troughs. Will a filler fully eliminate the tear trough line under my eyes? What could the negative... READ MORE

I'm 22 and my skin is sagging. What can I do? I really want to avoid surgical treatments (Photo)

I'mm 22 and my skin is sagging. I have huge smile lines, wrinkles in my forehead and saggy cheeks. I don't smoke and I use sunscreen however I'm... READ MORE

What would you recommend for fillers to reduce nasolabial folds and restore youthful look? (photos)

I'm 40 and I've been using fillers into nasolabial folds since few years but recently I noticed they seem to disappear too quickly. I put every 7... READ MORE

In need of eye rejuvenation. What options are available for me besides surgery? (Photo)

Are there any eye rejuvenation therapies besides surgery in my case? Fillers, lasers, peels, etc? I am 46 with sagging, wrinkling skin below the eye... READ MORE

What amount of time do you recommend between dissolving fillers and getting a peel?

Hello, I have had a hard 6 months with filler under the eyes (had it dissolved, but left lumpy and saggy so had ulthera and fractional co2 w/more... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for injectable fillers in the tear trough area? (Photo)

Over the last year or so, I have developed sagging and discoloration problems with my under eye area that leave me looking tired all the time,... READ MORE

I am interested in trying dermal fillers but I am not sure if they are for me. (Photo)

Will dermal fillers work for me and will they last? My face sags more on one side, My eyes are droopy, and there is a loss of volume in my cheeks. READ MORE

I had vitrase to dissolve filler in my cheek and it left my skin saggy and crepey on one side. How can I get my skin back ?

The next day I woke up, and my face was so hallow, the vitrase i believe migrated to my tear trough because it looked very saggy, crepey and like it... READ MORE

Sagging Cheeks Make my Under Eyes Sag As Well - Will Fillers Work?

I was wondering if having fillers in my cheeks would that help with sagging under my eyes,I push up my cheeks and it makes my eyes look better, I am... READ MORE

Lip still full but now sagging years after hyaluronic injections stopped

Mid 30's, braces 12+ years no breaks. Recent months my orthodontist began closing a large space in front, I asked him if my upper lip now drooping... READ MORE

Dermal filler for cheeks at 32 years old? (photos)

Hi I've just turned 32 and over the past few months I've noticed increased sagging in my face. My main concern is around my mouth and jaw line. I have... READ MORE

What's more effective for a mildly sagging jawline: Fillers or Venus Freeze?

I was planning on getting Belotero in my tear trough for my dark circles, botox to lift my forehead, and midface filler to lift my sagging jaw, among... READ MORE

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