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Botox, Filler and Chemical Peel Regulations in Texas?

Who is allowed to do Botox injections, injectable fillers and chemical peels in Texas? Is it legal for a nurse to do Botox in Texas? READ MORE

Cosmetic Injections at a Hair Salon?

My hair salon has a cosmetic doctor come once per week to do injections. Is this safe? READ MORE

Dermatologists Vs Plastic Surgeons for Fillers?

I haven't had anything done and I'm now considering a filler. I received mixed reviews on which route to take, as a close friend that works in the... READ MORE

How Much is Enough Experience for Injecting Fillers?

I have had Botox injections by a doctor I felt really comfortable with, and who gave me a very educational consultation about Botox and Juvederm. At... READ MORE

Who is Qualified to Administer Cosmetic Fillers?

The Spa that I go to has 2 MDs (family doctors) and a nurse performing these "filler" procedures. Are the doctors qualified to do these procedures or... READ MORE

Best to Have a Plastic Surgeon, General MD or a Dermatologist Perform Filler Injections?

All things being equal I am leaning toward going to the plastic surgeon to put in nasolabial filler injectons. The general MD at the Skin Clinic and... READ MORE

In New Jersey Can a Registered Nurse Do Botox or Filler

In the State of New Jersey, can a Registered Nurse do Botox or Filler injections of Juvederm, Radiesse? READ MORE

Choosing Qualified DOT Therapy and Cosmetic Injection Providers

How do I know which doctor/provider to choose for DOT Therapy and cosmetic injections? One is a nurse practioner who has certification; One is a board... READ MORE

What to Ask Injector to Gauge Their Experience?

What specific questions should we ask a doctor to find out if they are experienced injectors? I would not think the number of injections would... READ MORE

Is Dr. Jay G. Barnett in NYC a red flag doing Liquid Injectable Silicone ?

Dr. Jay G. Barnett in NYC has been using medical grade liquid silicone for over 40 years and and he says the FDA has approved. I'm a HIV patient and i... READ MORE

Why Are Plastics Docs So Down on Other Specialties Injecting?

I could understand if these plastics docs were actually the people injecting these products, I suppose. And, anyone who has been practicing longer... READ MORE

Injectables at Spas - What are Your Opinions?

It seems very strange that in Texas estheticians can inject Botox and Juvederm etc...but that more educated healthcare professionals cannot. A dentist... READ MORE

I Am a Registered Nurse and Am Very Interested in Training to Become a Nurse Injector. Where Should I Start?

Does anyone know of any highly respected training programs or even if product representatives directly from the manufacturer offer any type of... READ MORE

Can a Nurse Administer Keloid Injection?

I am a nurse workin in a plastic Reconstructive clinic,would like 2 know if Keloid injections are in a nurses scope of practise? Kindly advise as our... READ MORE

Tear Trough Doctor in Sydney, Australia? Is It OK to Get Injected by a Nurse? (photo)

Had RESTYLANE in tear trough in December 2012 in Italy with a GREAT result (see photos). I am now in Sydney and need it done again but I can't seem to... READ MORE

Botox, Fillers and Chemical Peels by Non-licensed Physicans?

I see posts about injections that can only be administered by physicians: in the US, must those physicians be licensed IN the US or can any... READ MORE

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