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Hardness and Itchy Lumps in Cheek After Voluma- Normal?

I had voluma in cheeks 3 weeks ago. Right cheek was great with no probs but the left cheek immediately developed moderate swelling, hardness and 2... READ MORE

I Have Noticed Areas in my Face Where You Can See Outlines of Where The Filler Was Injected

I have noticed areas in my face where you can see outline of where the filler has been placed. Instead of the entire area being lifted you can see... READ MORE

I thought I needed new filler after 1.5/2 years, but my Dr surprised me by suggesting dissolution of old filler. Normal? (Photo)

1.5 to 2 years ago, I had filler over my eye bags. No bruising, no drama, looked great. The bags are back. A new MD said my bags could be old filler.... READ MORE

I was told that it could take up to 4 weeks to see results of the injectable fillers, is this true? Is it a scam?

One of the place I have been for fillers consultation they said, they are going to apply the fillers in the nasolabials and jaw lines( 2 syringers in... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have Fillers 3 Years on ?

I had fillers for nose to mouth lines 3 years ago and there is some still left is this normal /could i have remaining dissolved as they look uneven now. READ MORE

Is It Permitted To Mix Not Absorbed Injectable Skin Materials with Restylene or Ziderm?

A doctor has firstly injected to my face silicone or artecoll this is not clear,and then after on it he procced on injections of ziderm and restylane... READ MORE

Do I look older than 26? Is it normal to have this at this age? What can I do about my nasolabial fold and under eyes? (Photo)

I really want to do something about my under eye and nasolabial fold. Everyone tells me its normal for my age but i think this makes me look tired and... READ MORE

Lumpy and very swollen on day 3 - is this normal? (Photo)

I recently had my lips filled with revanesse (Canadian product). I asked for a really settle natural look. I'm on day 3 and they still look very big... READ MORE

Doctor Injected Botox Following Juvederm, Unplanned. Is This Unusual?

I'm 58 y/o, light/thin skinned and had a facelift 7 years ago. Today, my doctor injected 3 syringes of Juvederm, primarily in the cheek area. She said... READ MORE

Plastic surgeon doesn't disclose prices over the phone? Is this a common practice?

Dear doctors, I found a board certified plastic surgeon( through friends) who suppose to be good in dermal filler injections. So when I contacted his... READ MORE

Filler bruising. Is it normal for it to look like this? (Photo)

A few hours ago, I got a filler injected to remove a forhead line. But it doesn't look too good and in freaking out! Is it normal for it to look like... READ MORE

Severe Swelling and Pain 2 Days After Cheek Fillers - Normal?

I am two days in from fillers to the cheek bone area. I have severe swelling, i dont recognise myself, my face is so swollen and now my eyes are... READ MORE

I Have the Tyndall Effect from an Injection to Nasolabial Area in 2007. Why So Long?

I Have the Tyndall Effect from an Injection to Nasolabial Area in 2007. Why So Long? READ MORE

I Got Gaps in my Facial Hair After Restylane...

I am a guy and i got restylane or perlane (not sure which one but think it was perlane) injection in my chin. Now one day later i notice that areas... READ MORE

I Had Previously Inject Hylacorp Filler, This Time It Is Painful With Headaches. Normal?

This time round I did it on my forhead n it has been 6 days and my forehead is still painful until I'm getting headache. Is it normal? Should I... READ MORE

Can the Body Absorb Fillers Within a Few Days? Mine Seems to Be Gone and It's Only Been a Week. This is the Second Injection

Can the Body Obsorb Fillers Within a Few Days? Mine Seems to Be Gone and It's Only Been a Week. This is the Second Injection READ MORE

I had 2 PMMA nodules excised. Is the wound healing normally? (Photo)

1 excision healed perfectly. This one (in the pic) was very bruised, and it still has a dark red line above the main incision that has hardly faded. I... READ MORE

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