Longevity + Injectable Fillers

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Why Do Botox and Undereye Injections Disappear So Quickly?

Had filler under eyes and Botox at least 3 times and never last more than a month. Could it be a medical problem? Why do fillers and Botox not last... READ MORE

How Long Do Injectable Fillers Last?

Which last the longest and how long? Cost? READ MORE

How Long Does a Permanent Filler Last in the Tear Troughs?

I had my tear troughs injected with a filler for 3 years now. It looked great the first 18 months but now it lumped out. My doctor is insisting that... READ MORE

Do Hyaluronic Acid Fillers Ever Completely Dissolve?

I know that HA fillers like juvederm ultra last 4-6 months in the lips, and Ultra Plus and Perlane 6-9 mo's. I had perlane 1.5 years ago, and 85%... READ MORE

How Long Do Injectable Fillers REALLY Last?

I'm interested in filling my undereye hollows, nasolabial folds and a set of lines outside of those, marionette lines, and a little bit in my chin... READ MORE

Radiesse Vs. Perlane Vs Chin Implant Material (More Pliable Version)

I'm a 50yo male and just got injectable filler. I was told Radiesse lasts longer and is better for naso labial folds. Does Radiesse really last... READ MORE

How long are fillers in the hands supposed to last?

I had fillers in my hands and the effect  only lasteda matter of weeks.(I had paid £500 for this). I went back to the clinic and... READ MORE

How Long Does Hylaform Last?

I'm planning to have hylaform injections in my face, lips and chin (I have a lil crack in my chin). But I'm wondering how long hylaform... READ MORE

Four Questions on Face Fillers?

I'm 51. With the assumption, that I am a good candidate for both fillers for marionette lines and Nasolabial... 1-Of all the face fillers, (incluidng... READ MORE

Fillers Are Too Expensive Don't You Think? Killing Wallets During Hard Times?

The fillers used today only last 6-12 months. Fillers discourage volumizing the face because of the cost. You could spend 3k+ on fillers in one year,... READ MORE

How Long Does Esthelis Last In Tear Troughs?

I had 0.6 mls of esthelis in my tear troughs. The last of my top up was done 20th sept 2011. Im concerned as already i can notice a hollowing under my... READ MORE

When Do Hyaluronic Acid Fillers Leave the Body?

Is it proved that HA fillers leaves the body copletely? I still have some left after 11 m. I just want it to go away. READ MORE

Why Would Dermal Filler Only Last Weeks in Some Patients?

I am concerned as I have a very high metabolism, I can shed pounds fast, food doesn't stick with me for long, etc. I have read a few people... READ MORE

A Refill on Lips After a Month for Filler to Stay Longer?

I've heard a somewhat of a rumor, that as a first timer, it is best to get a refill after a filler (on lips) within one month after the first... READ MORE

Does walking or running on treadmill with incline impact on the longevity of fillers (nose)?

I work out everyday but only on treadmill with high percentage of incline. I wonder if it has any effect on my nose filler and botox. READ MORE

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