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Are Injectables a Good Solution to a Weak Jaw Line?

I am a 25 year old male seeking a significantly wider, better defined jaw line. Would 2-3 injections of a filler like Radiesse be able to make much... READ MORE

Solution for Marionette Lines, Drooping Cheeks and Jawline - Options?

I'm in my mid-thirties and have concerns with my cheeks, jowl area, and under eye area. As a follow up to my original post, I'm attaching a... READ MORE

Will Putting Filler in my Cheeks Tighten my Jawline?

I have early signs of pre-jowling...My cheeks are hollowing. I am only 31. I am wanting a straight jawline without putting filler it. I just want to... READ MORE

Injectable Fillers for Jowls

Can fillers be used to treat mild jowls READ MORE

What Can I Do with my Lower Face (Chin, Jawline and Neck)? (photo)

I am 44 years old. Since the picture was taken, I have been to a doctor who has put filler in my lips and in the nasolabial folds. I have a discussion... READ MORE

Can Injectable Fillers Bhe Used to Increase Jawline Definition in Men?

28 year old male with poorly defined jawline, was wondering if fillers can be used along jawline to enhance it and create more definition? READ MORE

I'm 22 and Was Wondering Whether Jaw Fillers Such As Juvederm Voluma Would Be Good? Alot of Practices in Uk Do Not Do It?

So basically one side of my mandable jaw beneath the ear (the corner of jaw) is much more defined so when viewing from the front it is abit square and... READ MORE

Large Hard Bump and Infection After Filler - Hematoma?

I got filler injected into my jawline five days ago. One day later, I noticed that the area seemed somewhat swollen. I assumed it was just some... READ MORE

Filler for Under Each Side of the Bottom Lip?

I have an overbite and a square jaw which leaves me with no definition in the chin area. There are 2 areas under my bottom lip on both sides that is a... READ MORE

Will injectable fillers in my nasolabial fold, chin and jawline will help me achieve a better profile and face shape? (photos)

I think my face is very large and wide from my eyes down and my face is quite uneven. I feel as though my individual features have the potential, but... READ MORE

Help - I've Always Wanted High Cheekbones and a Defined Jawline (photos)

I've always wanted High cheekbones and a defined jawline. I feel my face is too round. What are the prices for Voluma in South Florida? I'm a little... READ MORE

Are fillers effective for chin, jawline and cheek augmentation?

For chin, jaw angle, and cheek augmentation are fillers just as good as implants in terms of quality of results? Is the only down side that they have... READ MORE

Would a filler improve my chin and jawline in place of a Facelift? (photo)

As you can see in the pic when I close my mouth my chin wrinkles up and my jawline becomes "jowly" I am 39 so I feel like I am too young for a... READ MORE

Could I Use Fillers to Define my Jawline Instead of Using an Implant?

I would like to have a more defined jawline but want to avoid using implants at all cost. Can fillers help me define my jawline? Which filler would be... READ MORE

Need More Balance on my Face, Injection on my Mandibula or Zygoma Reduction?

Dear doctors, My lower face is too narrow compared to my middle face, and my hairline is too "high" so my face looks disproportionate. Can... READ MORE

Voluma for Chin and Jaw Augmentation

Voluma by the Restylene people is approved in Australia.I would like to broaden my jaw line. I do not like Radiesse. Where exactly should it be... READ MORE

Filler(s) For Jaw or Jowls? I Want To Get Rid of a Double Chin.

Hi, I am a 32 year old female. I have noticed over the past couple (3) years that my lower Jaw, Jowls Area has receded as though i dont have one. i... READ MORE

Can Injection in Cheek Hollows Change Shape of Face and Whole Jawline Making It Look Bigger and More Squared?

1 vial was injected as a touch up in an area that was injected 1 year ago. 1 year ago it was injected in the lateral parts of the face which worked... READ MORE

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