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What is the Best Dermal Filler for Chin/jaw Augmentation?

I have been considering a chin/jaw augmentation and wanted to know what are the best/longest lasting fillers to use. Also can all the dermal fillers... READ MORE

Wide, Uneven Jaw with Creases Around Mouth - How Can It Be Fixed / Minimized?

I know the best way to determine is through a visit with my plastic surgeon but is there any advice on what procedures (preferably non-surgical) can... READ MORE

Are Injectables a Good Solution to a Weak Jaw Line?

I am a 25 year old male seeking a significantly wider, better defined jaw line. Would 2-3 injections of a filler like Radiesse be able to make much... READ MORE

PMMA Filler for Jaw, Cheeks and Chin?

I would like permanent filler for my jaw/cheeks/chin. I read that PMMA (Polymethylmethacrylate) is safe in small quantity what amount is classed as a... READ MORE

Injectable Fillers for Jowls

Can fillers be used to treat mild jowls READ MORE

Non Surgical Jaw Reduction & Chin Augmentation?

My face has always been very round, and I've never felt comfortable with the wideness at my jawline. My chIn is flat and I would like some projection... READ MORE

Fillers to Beef Up Area Above Chin Implant?

Hello. I have a small implant that otherwise looks fine; but I find that it causes too much sharpness when viewed at a 45-degree angle--because,... READ MORE

How Can I Treat My Loss of Definition in the Jaw Line Without Surgery? (photo)

I am 40 years old and I noted that I have lost definition on the jaw line, I've treated myself with botox and dermal fillers been doing that for... READ MORE

Upper Jaw Widening

Hi Is it possible to widen upper jaw with fillers and to make it more symmetrical ? So it looks bigger on the outside so that the lower third of the... READ MORE

I Am 44 Years Old and Interesting in Facial Fillers, for Jaw and Nasolabials Lines, Options?

I am confuse, I habe been already in three places and everybody tellme something different. The first place was a plastic surgeon and he told me, he... READ MORE

Which filler would you recommend to use for wider, square jaw?

I'm thinking of using a filler to obtain a wider (more square) jaw (I'm male). As I'm very reluctant to go for jaw implants (mandibular angle... READ MORE

How Can I Fix a Misgrown Jaw?

The right side of my jaw is asymmetric to my right side. After feeling it, it is shorter and lower than the right side. Also, it doesnt have the same... READ MORE

Injectable fillers for midface hypoplasia/flat cheekbones? Can I get cheek implants later?

I have recessed cheekbones and a protruding jaw. I feel jaw surgery is too invasive and would like to bring the middle part of my face/my eyes forward... READ MORE

Could fillers help my asymmetrical jaw? (photo)

My jaw has always bothered me. It's defined on one side, but not the other. Straight on pictures always look off because of this. Would fillers... READ MORE

Can injections-fillers help in my situation? And I need help to determine between cheek implants or fat grafting. (photo)

I want to ask if there's any way of softening or rounden my rectangular-ish jaw angle...? I've been thinking injections might help to rounden it a... READ MORE

Female, 32, with overly hollow cheeks and manly jaws - injectable filler or fractional laser, or what? (Photo)

In certain light, my cheeks and jaws look frankly awful. Gaunt and bony and even somewhat masculine. Injectable filler or fractional laser or what?P.S... READ MORE

Is it possible for me to get a straight square jaw with FILLER based on my face shape? (Photo)

I often found most attractive people have a very straight looking sides of their face before a sharp tapering jaw to their chin. But for my face, it... READ MORE

Will a Jaw Surgery with Plates and Screws Allow for Fillers to Be Injected Within or Around the Site?

I recently had a genioplasty along with bottom jaw surgery to correct my deviated and recessed chin. However, there's is still very slight deviation... READ MORE

Right Jaw is Much Bigger Than the Other? (photo)

My problem is my right jaw.coz its really obvious.im super conscios everytime people notice it.what do you call this one?what method should be done to... READ MORE

Injection to Fix Jaw? (photo)

Hi i've had a jaw implant surgery to fix an asymmetry but there is still noticeable difference between the sides due to differences in soft tissue... READ MORE

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