Hollowness + Injectable Fillers

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Horrible Results from Filler Under my Eyes. Will It Go Back to Normal or Will I Have to Have Surgery to Correct It? (photo)

I had fillers injected under my eyes for eye hollows. Now I am left with bags and creases. Did the filler cause perminant damage to the skin under my... READ MORE

How to Correct my Deep Labiomental Groove

Hi. In 5 years I've had two fat injections and finally one time skin-fascia graft for my depp groove. Skin-fascia graft seems to work just a... READ MORE

Under Eye Hollows and Wrinkles Under Eyes? (photo)

I'm mainly concerned with the hollow part above cheek. It looks like a divet.I'm thinking about trying a filler. I want to just try and fill in that... READ MORE

Tear Troughs and Other Side Effects? (photo)

36 yo severe eye hollowness . The arcus marg. is quite marked: Y-shaped grooves under my eyes (blue and green lines): the skin below tends to loosen... READ MORE

Improving Under Eye Hollowness with Dermal Fillers

I have (SEVERE) hollowness under both eyes, but much more severe in my right than left. I am 16 years old, and looking for a temporary way of getting... READ MORE

Treatment for Under Eye Hollowness? (photo)

I am 29 years old and have always had a hollowness under my eyes which makes me look tired or older. The skin itself is not darker, just appears that... READ MORE

I am turning 34 and I would like to know what I should have done to look less tired and more youthful? (Photo)

I dislike the look around my mouth. It looks hard and turns down. My lines around my nose to my mouth are SO pronounced. Also under my eyes look... READ MORE

I have hollowness on the outsides of my under eyes (not in my tear trough area). What is the best filler to use?

I have a little hollowness under my eyes (only on the outsides of my eyes...not in my tear trough area) what is the best filler to use and how much is... READ MORE

Female, 32, with overly hollow cheeks and manly jaws - injectable filler or fractional laser, or what? (Photo)

In certain light, my cheeks and jaws look frankly awful. Gaunt and bony and even somewhat masculine. Injectable filler or fractional laser or what?P.S... READ MORE

I am starting to get a hollowness under both eyes....

I am 50yrs old and do to age and always being thin I am starting to see hollowness under both eyes. What facial filler can be used to fill in these... READ MORE

Under eye area hollowness since I was 24 years old - Fillers or fat graft recommendations? I live near the Washington DC area.

Genetically, I had a normal eye area which was plump enough. When I was 24 I cried a lot and my under eye and orbital area sunk in a little bit and... READ MORE

Lipofiling or filler for hollowness above the eye? Please see the picture. What are the opportunities and risks? (Photo)

I'm young but still I lost a lot of volume around my eyes. Mean part is above my eye. My eyes looks tired. Please see the picture. Is it possible to... READ MORE

Will fillers help with the lines and darkness under my eyes ?

I really want a solution for the dark circles and hollowness under my eyes also the lines ....Would I be a candidate for juvederm or another filler ? READ MORE

Recommendations for fillers/or fat in the sub brow area post aggressive fat removal for someone in 20s to restore youthful eyes?

A. What are the best fillers (restylane vs. Beletero) or other (fat injection) for upper eyelid hollowness? B. How long can you wait after a revision... READ MORE

Hollowness in the tear trough and dark circles. What do you advise? (Photo)

I have dark circles and hollowness in the lower eyelids , I tried carboxytherapy it helped a little bit then I stopped . 10 days ago I went to a... READ MORE

What Can Be Done About my Under Eye Wrinkles, Bumps, Hollowness, and Dark Circles? (photo)

My eyes appear large & bulgy. I it's due to a hollowness/flatness of my face under the eye area. Would fillers or orbital rim implants fix... READ MORE

Can You Apply Pressure After Having Under Eye Hollow Injection?

I've just had my under eye hollows done and slight bruising has occured. I'm going to put a little bit of concealer over it to make it less... READ MORE

Tips for Finding a Great Plastic Surgeon

I want a plastic surgeon for under eye hollows can you give me tips or recommend plastic surgeons in the bay area? READ MORE

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