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Best Wrinkle Filler for Laugh Lines Around Mouth?

I am thinking about a filler for laugh lines around my mouth. Is one filler better than another for this area? READ MORE

What Happens when You Inject a Little Filler on the Tip of the Nose?

Will the nose look a little fuller if injected with some filler if the tip is too small without raising the nose? And if you add filler along the... READ MORE

Do Fillers Complicate Future Surgeries?

If someone wants to get surgeries or implants in the future, like cheek and nose but dont want to go under the knife quite yet, so they just want to... READ MORE

Can You Administer Dermal Filler While Getting Surgery?

If i get a browlift and a facelift and want restylane instead of fat transfer, is this possible during surgery? How about botox as well? READ MORE

Bulge at Corner of Mouth? (photo)

I've got this bulge just at the corners of my mouth. Can somebody tell me what it is? Bone/muscle/fat? Most people I've seen don't have it, and it's... READ MORE

My lips go through filler like crazy. I cannot retain it. I'm considering permanent filler. Suggestions and thoughts?

It's too costly to keep getting up to 1 syringe of filler every month to 6 weeks! I want a permanent result. The look of my lips immediately following... READ MORE

I have an uneven face after Rhinoplasty. Would injectable fillers to my cheekbones balance my face?

Broken nose fixed through rhinoplasty left me with a tilted to the right tip& left nostril is placed higher vs left, doctor told me this is due to... READ MORE

Can i achieve this look, if so, what do i need to do? (Photo)

I was wondering if someone could tell me what i would need to do to achieve lips like these...could i do just fillers (if so where...philtrum ect), or... READ MORE

Undoing Dimpleplasty with filler?

Which is the best filler to use after separating the skin from muscle for undoing dimpleplasty? Would steroid injection work better for not... READ MORE

What is the longest lasting filler for acne scars? (photo)

Juvederm ultra plus "Voluma" is it a good choise for small hollow causing by acne kiss in derm, 1 seringe; $600; 12-18 months.In 1994 i had collagene... READ MORE

Can Botox lift the eye and forehead area? Can filler placed in the cheek area help with under eye bags?

I"m 59 years old and had a mini face lift 8 years ago. I don't want to invest that kind of money again and need a lift in the forehead and upper eye... READ MORE

Which injectable filler would be the best? (photo)

I would like to reduce/remove the wrinkles in the NSF fold and soften my parenthesis. Rather than a deep fold I look more like I am cracking... READ MORE

Which injectable filler would be best? I want to get rid of my nasolabial fold wrinkles and soften my parenthesis. (photo)

I am developing wrinkles in my nasolabial folds. The folds themselves are not too deep but I look like I am cracking. There are think wrinkles in the... READ MORE

I had a cyst injection and a week later it indented. Should I wait for it to heal or use fillers? (Photo)

My injection was March 31st and it looked great, but a week later in started to indent. Should I wait to see if it will heal on its own or would a... READ MORE

Research to Find Effective Treatment for Foreign Body Granuloma from Permanent Filler?

I had a unknown permanent filler injected in my lips 11 years ago. 4 years ago I developed foreign body granuloma. I have read that biofilms... READ MORE

Allergic to Many Things So What Filler is Best?

I was thinking of getting some fillers in my face but I am nervous because I am very sensative to many things. Would you suggest fat or stem cells... READ MORE

Where can I get an ultrasound to find out if I still have filler in my face?

I want to get an ultrasound done on my face to find out how much of my filler is still in me, and where. This will help me find out if I hold filler... READ MORE

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