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What Type of Face Fillers (Including Fat) Are the Most Effective and Safest for the Jowls and Marionette Lines?

I'm 51 and am starting to get jowls and marionette lines. Two doctors said I can start off with face fillers to see how I feel about the result and... READ MORE

I have volume loss in my temple area and lower face; would you suggest fillers or fat grafting? (photos)

I have volume loss in the temple area and lower face (i have restylane under my eyes which caused discoloration). i would like to do filler or fat... READ MORE

What is the best procedure for me to get rid of these horrible holes in my face? (photos)

The fat pads were removed from my cheeks in a face lift yrs ago. What is the best procedure for me to get rid of these horrible holes in my face?... READ MORE

Can injections-fillers help in my situation? And I need help to determine between cheek implants or fat grafting. (photo)

I want to ask if there's any way of softening or rounden my rectangular-ish jaw angle...? I've been thinking injections might help to rounden it a... READ MORE

Under eye area hollowness since I was 24 years old - Fillers or fat graft recommendations? I live near the Washington DC area.

Genetically, I had a normal eye area which was plump enough. When I was 24 I cried a lot and my under eye and orbital area sunk in a little bit and... READ MORE

Which dermal filler is best for labia major augmentation?

Which dermal filler is best for labia major augmentation? I want to see what it looks like before I do a fat graft transfer. What do you think? Also,... READ MORE

Two months after fat grafting, results have completely gone. Can I have fillers now?

I did fat grafting almost two months ago and it is all gone! i compared before and after pictures and all the fullness i had disappeared quickly. I... READ MORE

Can I do fillers six weeks after Fat Grafting,

I had fat grafting over a week ago and it didn't take (only skightly on my cheeks where i didn't even want it because they are already high and full).... READ MORE

Fat graft or fillers for oblong face?

Hi, I'm an 18 yr old female with a thin long face who is interested in a fat graft or filler to make the face (especially cheekbone/cheek area) wider... READ MORE

Dermal filler or fat injection? (Photo)

I feel that my face is too thin specially cheek and between cheek and mandibular. It make around my mouth seem to take a big space in my face . just... READ MORE

Turning 60, showing volume loss, sagging etc. Can't decide between fillers/fat transfer. They seem to cost pretty much the same.

I have a friend recovering from ft right now. I don't like the uneveness, the bumps, weird bulges, it seems imprecise. She's got some areas where she... READ MORE

Can all the volume of upper eyelid hollowing be restored with fillers?

Ive seen some very nice photos of fillers to upper eyelids and they are very long lasting. But for severe hollowing it seems like fillers don't... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Filler to Upper eyelids vs Orbital Fat Graph? (photos)

If I had filler placed in A-frame upper eyelids would my upper eyelid still sink into the sulcus? Or do I need Orbital fat graph? Will the upper... READ MORE

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