Eyebrows + Injectable Fillers

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Fillers to Make Upper Eyelids Fuller?

Are there any fillers that can recreate upper eyelid fullness? I am in my early 40's, have lost volume in my face, especially around my eyes, making... READ MORE

Injections or Mini Face Lift for Lines After Losing Weight?

I am a 40 year old female. I smoked for 20 years and spent 15 years of my adult life obese. I am now living a healthy, smoke-free, thin lifestyle... READ MORE

Injectable Hydroxyapatite or Solid Hydroxyapatite?

I've heard that hydroxyapatite can be used for facial augmentation of the brow bone or t-zone area. I heard there are 2 kinds of this injectable paste... READ MORE

Correcting Eyebrow Drop Due to Injection?

If eyebrow drop occurred even though the injector was an experienced medical professional, should I trust the same injector to inject the antagonistic... READ MORE

I noticed this bump/ dent on my forehead above my eyebrow. Its been there 3 months now. Is there anything I can do? (photos)

I hit my head 3 months ago while working (I hit it coming down the stairs of the roof) and felt a bit light headed I am wondering is this anything to... READ MORE

How to fix a crease that runs horizontally across bridge of nose between the eyebrows? (Photo)

I have a crease that makes it look like my eyebrows continue across the top of my nose, making it look like they are attached. It looks like actor... READ MORE

Was this look achieved through injectable fillers alone, or were there likely other cosmetic procedures involved? (Photo)

This is a before/after of a celebrity. What procedures did she likely have to raise the eyebrows (I realized they appear thicker due to makeup... READ MORE

Do dermal fillers lift your eyebrows? (photos)

I'm just wondering if fillers lift the actual eyebrow? I'd prefer them not to but I'm fine if it does. I'd like my eyelid to be more visible, and have... READ MORE

What is happening to my eyes after Azzalure? (Photo)

I have had 75 units (my injector said ) of Azzalure in my glabella and frontalis 5 months ago, I can feel Azzalure start wearing off, what is... READ MORE

Will my drooping eyebrow and puffy upper eyelids plus my incredibly angry look wear off after azzalure injections?

I got azzalure injections from a dentist in Northern Ireland on 11th July. According to this dentist I received 12 units in my forehead and 42 in my... READ MORE

My right eyebrow droops down farther than my right. What are some injectable options to fix this problem? (Photo)

Hello! As you can see from my pictures, my right eyebrow droops down farther than my right as it reaches my nose bridge. What are some injectable... READ MORE

My doctor gave me my xeomin injection in the bone in the bridge of my nose.

This time for some unknown reason he gave me the injection at the bridge of my nose. Eyelid looks full of fluid and droopy. He did not inject by the... READ MORE

Is it possible to straighten eyebrows with fillers?

I would like both my eye brows straighten like justin timberlake, is this possible to do with fillers or would i need to go through surgery READ MORE

Filler was injected in my eyebrows and in nasal folds now getting huge granulomas?

Now a few years later have hard large lumpy area that are painful, eyes are always red, getting many large cysts close to injection site, having... READ MORE

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