Droopy + Injectable Fillers

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Synthetic Filler Vs Fat Transfer for Minor Smile Lines

Please refer to the photos. You may note that I have some drooping on the right side of my face. If you believe this can also be mitigated using fat... READ MORE

Had braces removed and now have a droopy mouth. What can I do? (photo)

I am 34 years old had braces on ,but they said i needed to remove some teeth to correct my crooked teeth,so i did ,now that my braces are off my mouth... READ MORE

Drooping face, large nose in a half asian half european young female. Suggestions? Fillers? Buccal fat removal? (photo)

I am half asian by descent, and am in my late 20's. Since grade school I have had a larger nose, large bags under my eyes and drooping heavier lower... READ MORE

Qustions About Doctors Using Fillers and a Question Regarding Cheek Fillers?

Where im from not a lot of doctors are qualified like having that MD qualification they are aesthetic practitioners or qualified nurses but the work... READ MORE

I am only 25 but I have had these drooping folds since I was around 16. Nasiolabial Fold/ best filler?

Hello, I am only 25 but I have had these drooping folds since I was around 16. I think its genetic, and although I don't have a real problem with them... READ MORE

My jowls are starting to droop very slightly. What can I do to firm them? I'm not ready for a facelift.

My jowls are starting to droop very slightly but I'm not quite ready yet for a face lift. In the meantime is there anything I can do to firm them? READ MORE

Will my drooping eyebrow and puffy upper eyelids plus my incredibly angry look wear off after azzalure injections?

I got azzalure injections from a dentist in Northern Ireland on 11th July. According to this dentist I received 12 units in my forehead and 42 in my... READ MORE

After lip filler injection my upper lip was uneven. What should I do?

I had filler in my upper lip about 13 days ago .  . Doctor put more filler on my right side as it had less Volume and naturally little droopy. .... READ MORE

The area around my mouth is fat - is there anything that can be done? (Photo)

The area around my mouth is fat and it shadows a lot and it gets me down I look droopy, I've tried facial yoga and it doesn't seem to have worked is... READ MORE

I have under eye puffiness and droopiness at age 19. Would you suggest filler or surgery?

I have under eye puffiness and droopiness at age 19. I wanted to know which would be the best option for my young face. ive done long distance... READ MORE

My doctor gave me my xeomin injection in the bone in the bridge of my nose.

This time for some unknown reason he gave me the injection at the bridge of my nose. Eyelid looks full of fluid and droopy. He did not inject by the... READ MORE

What's the best non-surgical anti ageing, rejuvenating procedure for my face? (Photo)

Hi Doctor's, my name is Angelica I am 25 years old, I live in Sydney, Australia. I am considering juverdum for under my eyes as you can see I have a... READ MORE

Can I fix my droopy chin with injectables? (photos)

I am content with my face, but I do not like my chin. It seems droopy and it even looks worse when I laugh. Is this fixable with injectables or will I... READ MORE

Would I benefit from chin derma fillers? (photos)

Hiya, My droopy lower lip has always bothered me and I think it's to do with my weak chin. Please could you tell me if I would benefit from a chin... READ MORE

I am 62 with false teeth and my face is drooping, any help with fillers?

I know wrinkles can be filled in but what about the drooping skin, do I need plastic surgery to have this fixed? It gets worse every year and I hate... READ MORE

1 month post op filler, and I am still numb. Any suggestions?

A month ago I had filler placed above upper lip into a scar and at the top of naso-labial fold. started feeling numb a bit after but it cleared. day 2... READ MORE

Can fillers leave scar tissue you cannot see or feel?

Had filler to sort out droop on one side of mouth which has changed my smile. Left this side looking smooth and full. However it has changed my smile... READ MORE

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