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Los Angeles Doctor Recommendations for Injectable Fillers in Tear Troughs

I had a lower eyelid bleph and have hollowness above my tear trough-close to my eyes. I'm in my late 30's and my skin is very thin in this... READ MORE

Bay Area Recommendations for Cheek and Tear Trough Fillers?

I am considering cheek and eye trough fillers. I understand that it takes an artistic eye and expert hand to do such a procedure. Given these factors... READ MORE

Seeking Cheek Injection Specialist in Los Angeles / Beverly Hills

I am a model seeking a doctor in the Los Angeles or Beverly Hills area who specializes in injecting fillers. I am looking to enhance my cheekbones and... READ MORE

Las Vegas Doctor Skilled in Fillers and Botox?

I have deep wrinkles or folds on my smile lines. I am looking for a doctor in Las Vegas area skilled in fillers and Botox; otherwise I will... READ MORE

Connecticut Doctor Recommendation for Tear Trough Injection

How can I find a doctor who specializes in or has done many procedures with under eye fillers for tear troughs in my area (CT)? READ MORE

Best Facial Fillers Doctor in the Portland, OR Area?

Hi, I am only 28, but am considering having an injectable filler like Juvederm or Radiesse injected into my nasiolabial folds, so I don't need... READ MORE

Looking for Facial Filler Expert in Portland, OR Area?

Hello, Could someone please recommend an excellent DR in the Portland, OR area to go to for facial fillers? Thank you! READ MORE

Looking for an Experienced Tear Trough Injector in Ottawa

Do you know an experienced tear trough injector in Ottawa, Ontario? READ MORE

Doctor Who Offers Fillers in Canada?

Can anyone recommend a good doctor who does fillers, etc. in Calgary, AB, Canada? Thank you. READ MORE

Doctor Recommendations in the Milwaukee Area for Injectable Fillers?

Looking for a doctor in the Milwaukee area that has lots of experience with injectable fillers such as Juvaderm or Radiesse. Thanks!! READ MORE

Is There a Good Doctor for Injectable Fillers in Manhattan?

Every week for 6 wks a well-known Manhattan dermatologist has been trying to place filler in the tear trough. I look terrible, cheek lumps, bumps,... READ MORE

San Diego Doctor Recommendations (Tear Trough Injections)

I need a good referal for a doctor in the SD area w/ expertise in injections in the tear trough area! I had blepharoplasty about 6 years ago. Now I... READ MORE

My Lipstick Bleeds into my Vertical Tiny Lip Lines - What Can Fix This?

I am in dire need of filler treatment for the fine vertical lines around my mouth. Or else I need to find a lipstick that does not "bleed"... READ MORE

Can Anyone Recommend Tear Trough Expert in Ireland or England?

The last few years, I have lost facial fat due to aging and now have big dark hollows under my eyes. I would like to get Restylane to plump it up, but... READ MORE

Dermal Filler Orbital Volume Restoration for Bilateral Enopthalmos

I developed a bilateral Enopthalmos not long after a traumatic nasal fracture. Both eyes sunk back into the socket and became deep... READ MORE

Where to Get Injectable Fillers in Paris, France?

Hi! I recently moved to paris and speaking zero french makes it very difficult to find a place where I can get lip augmentation. I have tried... READ MORE

Recommendations for Injectors for Fillers in Chicago Area

I am considering Radiesse for the cheek area as filler and had Juvederm in the past but want a more fuller look and also for it to last longer.. I... READ MORE

Charlotte Cosmetic Injection Provider Recommendations

Where is one of the lesser expensive places near charlotte to have upper lip lines removed? READ MORE

I Am Looking for a Surgeon Who Has Experience Excising PMMA

I had PMMA injected into the tear trough and upper cheek portion of my face about 3 months, and it is slightly overfilled. It isn't drastic, but... READ MORE

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