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How Do I Get Rid of Wrinkle Filler if I Don't Like the Results?

I read that injectables can be extracted from the skin if you don't like the results.  How is this possible?  Laverné from... READ MORE

How Should I Wait to Dissolve Emervel?

Hi, I had HA (emervel volume) injected in the notches of my chin. But It was not correctly placed. I want it to be dissolved, I know it can be... READ MORE

It is Possible to Remover Dermal Fillers with Surgery?

Almost 7 years ago I went to a cosmiatry in my country. I was concerned because I have scarring in my face due to acne and severe chicken pox. She... READ MORE

Is Using Vitrase an Effective Way of Dissolving Filler?

The problem is my top lip is huge and very uneven. I heard Vitrase is a safe and effective way to correct and dissolve part of the filler. My concern... READ MORE

How Can I Dissolve the Filler in my Nose Quickly?

I had 3 nose injections 4 months apart because i wasn't happy with the results, and now my nose is not symmetrical. one side has more filler than... READ MORE

Had an Injection to Dissolve Juvederm Ultra 2 Days Ago for Lumps, and They Increased and Feel Hard?

I was told i should not have any swelling after that at all. When do you expect lumps to actually dissolve and evaluate the results after this... READ MORE

What Face Creams Can I Use on Unevenly Dissolving Tear Trough Filler Area?

As filler is going down, its leaving under my eyes wrinkled and they were not like that before i area filled. READ MORE

Tried Multiple Fillers, But They Dissolve Extra-Quickly, What Else Can I Try?

Ive been having fillers for the last 4 years. I started off with perlane, I had 1 ml to see hardly any results, so i went back again, better, not my... READ MORE

Unidentified filler injected into my lips - how to remove it? (photos)

I had "hyaluronic acid" injected into my lips more than a year ago abroad. It was supposed to be biodegradable and temporary, but I don't think it is... READ MORE

I thought I needed new filler after 1.5/2 years, but my Dr surprised me by suggesting dissolution of old filler. Normal? (Photo)

1.5 to 2 years ago, I had filler over my eye bags. No bruising, no drama, looked great. The bags are back. A new MD said my bags could be old filler.... READ MORE

Can you tell me what is a typical presentation of a biofilm infection after injectable filler?

Please can you tell me what is a typical presentation of a biofilm infection after injectable filler ? How soon after the filler does it come ? Are... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for Fillers to Be Dissolved?

I had fillers injected into my forehead to cover up scars. Told it was reversible. Didn't like the results. Good job, but bumps. I been feeling very... READ MORE

Is it possible for HA filler to stay in the fat pad area permanently, or will it eventually dissolve?

I had a HA filler years ago (over 4 at least) in the tear trough area..... there are no lumps that I feel, I read on here about the fillers staying... READ MORE

Can Chemical Peels and Needling Be Used with Dermal Fillers?

I had juvederm put into my tear troughs and chin. Can I still get chemical peels (15% TCA to be precise) if so how long should I wait? And can I use a... READ MORE

Succev One Under Eyes Left Big Bumps, Will They Go Down Or Will I Need To Get Them Removed?

I have had succeev one injected to remove undr eye circles. However I had(i was told)alergic reaction. It was 2 months ago and I still have big bumps... READ MORE

Does EMatrix Treatment Takes off the Existing Filler in the Face?

Would you recommend waiting on filler while in the process of performing few eMatrix treatments? Some one told me that the fillers may go away with... READ MORE

I Had Filler Treatment for Dark Circles and Hollows Two Months Ago, and Recently Developed Puffiness Under One Eye.

The doctor used an injection in an attempt to dissolve the filler, but my eye is still puffy. My eye wasn't like this prior to the filler. The... READ MORE

Seattle Doctor Who Specializes in Correcting Problems with Facial Fillers

I have bluish lines and raised areas after Perlane over a week ago. Don't think it's bruised as I experienced that before and this is different... READ MORE

When Hyaluronic Acid Filler Wears Away, Will the Face Look Completely the Same As Before I Had the Filler?

I'm a 30 year old male. I recently had HA fillers to the cheek and under eyes for the first time a few months ago. I don't like the result however as... READ MORE

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