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Options to Fix Malar Mounds?

I am a 30 old female. In the past 8 years Ive noticed I'm getting these dents on my cheekbones,after research I learned there called Malar Mounds.... READ MORE

Dent from Steroid Injection?

My daughter had a small cyst on her cheek. A plastic surgeon injected it with a steroid. The cyst went away but she has a large dent that seems to be... READ MORE

I Want to Get Rid of These Dimples/cheek Dents? (photo)

I'm a girl and am almost 18 years old. have deep dimples or dents under my eyes and along the side of my face. (My left side is much less deep than my... READ MORE

Temporary Filler Injection for Pitted Scar?

Hi, I have a really large pit on my chin that is the result of a coritcosteroid injection into my chin. I am wondering if there is a temporary... READ MORE

Fillers for Sunken Cheek After Injury?

I sustained a sport injury to my cheek, causing it to be depressed and the skins sags. Can the dent be pulled out like a car, or be filled? READ MORE

Are There Fillers to Fix Hip Indentations?

I have hip fragments on both sides of my hips. The right side is more indented than the left. What could be recommended for fillers to give a rounder... READ MORE

I noticed this bump/ dent on my forehead above my eyebrow. Its been there 3 months now. Is there anything I can do? (photos)

I hit my head 3 months ago while working (I hit it coming down the stairs of the roof) and felt a bit light headed I am wondering is this anything to... READ MORE

Which dermal fillers are best to fill in a small dent in left soft tissue triangle on nose tip?

PS=Stellar credentials/39yrs.exp. Following rhinoplasty I'm still left with a small dented soft tissue triangle in nose tip.On frontal:left tip is... READ MORE

Can you use dermal filler to replace upper lateral nasal cartilage? (photos)

I think I'm missing cartilage in the upper lateral area of my nose which I think is very unaesthetic. I was hoping that I could get a derma filler to... READ MORE

How to get rid of dent under bottom lip? (Photo)

I have a "dent" under my bottom lip which I hate. It's not very noticeable from the front, but from the profile I feel it really stands out. I'm... READ MORE

Tear trough at young age. How can I get rid of this tear trough/ dent under my left eye?

I am 23 yrs old male. I have light tear trough only at my left eye. Even sometimes at my right. I had sleeping prblems but now i dont hve much, but... READ MORE

Filler for Dents After Thigh Liposuction?

I am 7 weeks after liposuction for my outer tights, there is still some hardness and lumpiness, and also there are some dents. I've heard that... READ MORE

Can a dent in skull (forehead) be corrected permanently? How invasive and what type of result?

A couple mo's ago I underwent a cosmetic procedure called "Facetite" and "Fractura" to acquire similar results as Botox normally would.... READ MORE

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