Aging + Injectable Fillers

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What Procedure Would be Best for Maintenance as I Age?

I'm 51 and Want to Look Better, Where Do I Start? I haven't had any thing done yet but know it's time for some maintenance. Problem is... READ MORE

What is the best way to prevent premature aging? (Photo)

I'm 18 yr old male and I've noticed the skin on my face starting to look more tired looking such as the skin under my eyes sagging making a line under... READ MORE

I need help with changing appearance of my 30 year hands which look 80 and of a man not woman. What should I do? (photo)

I want to have my hands rejuvenized I believe. I am 30 year old female with large hands with very large wrinkes on my knuckles and they are very ugly... READ MORE

Volume loss, aging, and under eye circles? (photo)

I am 28 ,I don't drink or smoke also weight and cardio train in a gym five days per week ,I have under eye circles ,lines under my eyes when I smile ,... READ MORE

Severe aging and deep wrinkles in cheeks in only 2 yrs. (27yrs to 29yrs rapid change) What can I do? (Photo)

The 1st picture is me at 27. I had been on Yaz birth control pills for 7yrs then. When this picture of me & the horse was taken, I stopped Yaz, and... READ MORE

In what ways can dermal fillers rejuvenate aging lips? (photo)

The photos say it all. There are areas of depigmentation--I wonder if filler would deemphasize that. Could filler make the corners look less caved in... READ MORE

Procedure for aging hands?

As you age and your hands start to wrinkle , beside lotion is there a procedure that can be done to give them a more youthful appearance? READ MORE

What's the best treatment for early aging/eye hollows and nasolabial folds? (Photo)

I'm 33 and have for the past few years have felt terrible what seems to me, incredibly early aging. I seem to have lose considerable mass in my cheeks... READ MORE

Facial rejuvenation recommendations for 44 yo? (Photo)

I'm trying this again with different photo angles. I feel I look older than I should but I'm not sure what the best direction is. A facelift is... READ MORE

What is the least expensive but efective way to deal with nasoabial folds, eye bags, marionete lines? (photo)

Living on a disabled veteran's income money is a large issue and the amount I can get financed is limited. READ MORE

Would fat graft or fillers help volume loss? Will 4 syringes of juvederm xc have the same effect as voluma or fat? (Photo)

Hi, I felt my face melting since i turned 49 ( 3 years ago ) i went on a crash diet losing 30 lbs during menopause which took all my face fat &muscle... READ MORE

Will fillers age skin over time?If I get fillers for cosmetic effect, but am not yet aging, will it actually age my skin?(photo)

Hi there, I'm a 26 year old female with good skin, but I am considering getting restylane or juvederm injected in my tear troughs to treat a... READ MORE

What fillers are safe to use if I have an Auto-Immune illness? (photo)

I am so keen to have some sort of fillers as I have always had a thin face and at the age of 56 I have lost volume which is very aging and... READ MORE

Where is the best area to place fillers in the face for the most optimal result? (Photo)

So in general where does the face age first? Undereyes? Cheeks? Jowels? And what area is the best area to place fillers and see the max result for the... READ MORE

I am very curious about preventative aging procedures and treatments for my face. I am currently 27. (photo)

I am interested if there are any procedures or products recommended by the professionals to keep my face from aging. Obviously there are treatments... READ MORE

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