Age 17 Or Under + Injectable Fillers

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Bad Reaction to Filler

I got my upper lip injected with fillers on wednesday my upper lip on the left went really big and swelled a i went to the doctor that injected... READ MORE

Remedies for Deep Hollows Under Eyes and Extremely Thin Skin for 16 Year Old? (photo)

I am 16 and have very deep, dark hollows under my eyes, and very thin skin, thinner then average. Make up does not work for me, and I don't know what... READ MORE

How Can I Fix a Misgrown Jaw?

The right side of my jaw is asymmetric to my right side. After feeling it, it is shorter and lower than the right side. Also, it doesnt have the same... READ MORE

I have really bad under eye bags how do I get rid if them? Had them for as long as I remember!

My camera is really bad sorry about the quality if the pictures. I'm 16 years old and would like advice on how they are caused? What type of eye bags... READ MORE

Can a 17 year old get tear trough filler? (Photo)

(Sorry for my bad English) I'm 17 and I don't like my tear through they make me look so tired.If I look of pictures of me when I was 5-7 I could still... READ MORE

Can fillers make my nose seem skinnier? (Photo)

My nose has a really round and big tip,and since I'm a bit to young for a nose job (I am 15) I was wondering if nose fillers could help give my nose a... READ MORE

Can I have the tear trough filler? (Photo)

I'm 17 years old and I have tear through for as long as I can remember, my dad has them and most (female) from my mom side has them too. It makes me... READ MORE

I'm a fifteen year old with wrinkles. Is there anything I can do? (Photo)

I am fifteen and I have deep naloubousal and laugh lines is there anything I can do about it as they cause me distress and sadness so much so that I... READ MORE

Is it normal to have fine lines like these under my right eye? What can I do about it? (Photo)

I got them a few months ago, but only under my right eye. I'm seventeen. What can I do about it? READ MORE

Slight jowls at 16? (Photo)

I'm only 16, but there's always been one thing that bothers me about my face; the droopyness of my cheeks around my mouth. It makes me look slightly... READ MORE

I am 17 years old - Hollow tear troughs solutions?

I am 17 years old i just turned 17 a couple of days ago my eyes have always had two horrible hollow circles under them not to mention the darkness... READ MORE

can a 14 year old get a filler to correct an uneven cleft chin?

If i went to a dermatologist and asked if a facial filler would be appropriate to correct my uneven cleft chin would he say im too young? READ MORE

I'm only 17 years old, what to do with my hollow eyes / tear trough? (photo)

Hi, Ok here my story. I'm just 17 years old but my tear trough is really hollow. What causes tear trough? And what can I do about it? It's driving me... READ MORE

Do my parents have to sign a consent letter if im under 18?

Hi, im currently 17 plus, and im considering nose and chin fillers. will my parents have to sign a consent letter? READ MORE

I am 17 this year and I have very low self esteem because of my round and short nose. Would fillers help? (photos)

 I have really thick nose skin please help, i am from singapore. Please help me :'( READ MORE

Hyaluronic Acid Injection for minor under 18 years old (16 years of age) in New York State. What paper work would you recommend?

I was curious if anyone has any experience injecting a minor with hyaluronic acid under the age of 18. Did you get parental consent only? Is there any... READ MORE

I'm 15 yrs old. Am I a candidate for injectable fillers to treat my dark circles?

I'm 15 years old and I have pretty bad dark circles under my eyes. From research I have found out that the dark circles under my eyes are hollows and... READ MORE

I am 16 and have very obvious indentations under my eyes, I want to get fillers. How old do I have to be?

My question is, how old do i have to be? My parents are fully supportive and i was also wondering what this would cost. READ MORE

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