Implantable Contact Lenses

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Implantable contact lenses, which are surgically inserted behind your iris, are a viable alternative to laser eye surgery. Also known as implantable collamer lenses. LEARN MORE ›
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Hi everyone, I am a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills and was getting sick of wearing contact lenses because I started to get dry eyes, and was just annoyed at not being able to see. 2 other eye surgeons recommended Dr Benjamin to me and I could not be happier. I did not have LASIK, instead, I... READ MORE

I originally went in to get a consultation for the LASIK procedure. I was told that because of the thin nature of my corneas, I faced a substantially increased risk of glares, halos, and other problems with night vision. The doctor recommended that I instead opt for the ICL procedure. He said... READ MORE

I decided to go with ICL instead of Lasik mostly because my eyes were so bad, but also to limit the change for halo vision etc.. Despite being told that won't happen with ICL's, it did. I also have major issues with bright lights, like on my iPhone or laptop- I can barely read because it is so... READ MORE

I had ICL surgery in 2000 through an FDA clinical trial. I was nearsighted -8 to -9 and wasn't a candidate for lasik so this was a great solution for me. The procedure required more follow up visits than lasik but I did reach 20/20 vision after each contact was implanted. (The Dr.... READ MORE

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