Scar + Hyperpigmentation

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How Can I Remove a Dark Spot from my Lower Legs?

I got a wound on my lower legs with a cutlass while working at the farm, since i was a 15years old, though i have not done anything to it except sport... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Reduce Hyperpigmentation?

I have one scar on the neck line, two scars on chest, and one scar on left upper labial. I had these scars for three months and two weeks. I been on... READ MORE

Product for Hyperpigmented Scar?

I hit my face on a car door and got a 1 to 2 inch scar from it. I am an african american female. Now, the scar is dark compared to my brown toned skin... READ MORE

How can I lighten a hyperpigmented permanent scar on my nose? (photo)

Long story short its scar tissue thats hyperpigmented too. (its texture is very different) i know you cant get rid of scar tissue but i just want to... READ MORE

What Laser or Alternative Treatments Should I Consider to Address Hyperpigmentation on Lips?

I'm a 20 year old African American female. I am healthy no serious medical problems except allergies. I incurred this scar on the right side of... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Dark Spots from Mosquito Bites?

I have what you call poxy skin in my country. Mine is due to allergic reaction to mosquito bites. They leave ugly black spots. What is a name for... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation and Deepening of Scars After Cross Procedure. Recommendations?

I Had Hyperpigmentation and Deepening of Scars After Cross Procedure. hydroquinone Topical is Not Helping. Any Suggestions. READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation, reoccurring acne cyst on one cheek even after annual kenalog injections. What kind of scar do I have? (photo)

Dr. even used razor to cut top layer then inject area and felt like a miracle i.e. the same spot comes back in same place 9mos-1yr later. Derm sent... READ MORE

How to get rid of dark scars and hyperpigmentation on legs and arms? (photo)

I've had scars on my arms and legs since I was a little girl. It makes me feel very ugly. I'm 21 and I want to wear shorts skirts and dresses without... READ MORE

Will a silicone scar sheet help a hyperpigmentation scar?

I have this scar on my hand from a paper cut that is really small but because of hyperpigmentation it is so noticeable and bothers me alot. Would a... READ MORE

Treatment for hyper pigmentation and hypo pigmentation? (photos)

I have hyper pigmentation on my lower back and hypo pigmentation on my abdomen. I have been using a 40% glycolic acid peel once a month on my face for... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for Hyperpigmentation/scars?

When I feel my cheek, it is smooth. When I look in the mirror it looks like it isn't because there's discoloration. I would like more information on... READ MORE

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