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How Can I Remove a Dark Spot from my Lower Legs?

I got a wound on my lower legs with a cutlass while working at the farm, since i was a 15years old, though i have not done anything to it except sport... READ MORE

How to Remove Upper Lip Discoloration?

I am a female African American and I have a discoloration on my upper lip This discoloration looks like I have a mustache and it is really disturbing.... READ MORE

What is the Best Removal Option for my Cafe Au Lait Spot?

This cafe au lait spot is located on my stomach. I have tried hydroquinone 4% cream which did not work. However, I have tried microdermabrasion and it... READ MORE

What We Can Do to Remove Black Spots from the Chest?

What We Can Do to Remove Black Spots from the Chest? READ MORE

Where Can I Find a Doctor in the Caribbean or Miami Who Removes Pigmentation on the Tongue?

I have brown spots on my tongue, which I was told by my dentist is harmless and most likely genetic. My aunt has these spots, and I also have a... READ MORE

How do you remove black spots from my forehead? They were made by scratching my pimples after they turned black. (photo)

So I just wanted to ask how to remove then in the amount of less than 3 weeks.They're medium-small circles.Very irritating,at the moment I'm using... READ MORE

I have dark spots in my underarm that I want to remove. What would you recommend? (photos)

Hi, I have dark spots in my underarm that I want to remove. Please let me know who I should see or what operation or medicine I should use. It was... READ MORE

How Can I Remove my Spot? (photo)

I have alot of black lilttle spot all over my body since i was 15,,i cant even wear any thing short,,how can i remove them because it is even more... READ MORE

I have Hyperpigmentation from acne. What's the best procedure to remove the scars?

I am Polynesian (brown skin) and I have hyper pigmentation from acne. I pick at my acne and then I have flat dark brown spots as scars. What's the... READ MORE

How do I get rid of hyperpigmention caused by a burn? How long will I have this discoloration for? (Photo)

A week ago I burned my forearm while using a curling wand on my hair. All I did was leave it for a few days until the pain went away (was only painful... READ MORE

I have dark spots on my legs and arms. What can help to remove these dark spots?

Its more than a year now I cnt wear shrts on summer please help READ MORE

What's a good procedure to remove hyperpigmentation?

I've had this hyperpigmentation problem of my skin since birth (i think it's genetic because my mom has it; but it's not as severe as mine) and i... READ MORE

How to remove dark spot on my cheek?

I'm not pregnant even i have a dark spot on my cheek , it was small but now it's going bigger so can anybody give me any idea to remove that plzz that... READ MORE

How to remove dark spots? I've had them for more than 15 years and nothing helps. (Photo)

I have them for more then 15 years.. and nothing helps.. i used a lot of creams. READ MORE

Which cream can I find at the chemist will help remove this?

Was using gentle magic lotion which left me with very dark marks around my mouth and chin READ MORE

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