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Can Hyperpigmentation be Treated with 100% Effectiveness?

I am from India . Within few years my facial skin has tanned enough . Its due to case of hyperpigmentaiton . My facial skin like my faorehead and... READ MORE

Hyper-pigmented mark on face since my childhood. Skin tone-slightly tan olive skin. What's the best option to remove it?

This mark has been there, never changes tone density. Mark exists right next to my Lip like a thick line. I want to get rid of it since it's so dark... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation Treatment On Legs and Arms? (photo)

I have an overdose of hyperpigmentation from scars on my legs and arms. These dark spots have left me feeling very insecure because I have tried every... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Hyperpigmentation/scars on Arms from Acne For Good? (photo)

I have two questions about the pictures I have attached. I have become very self-conscious about my arms. 1) First, are the marks that I have simply... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation. Is It Permanent?

I am asian with wheatish complexion. Had fraxel lasers for minor scars on my hand. First 2 sittings didnt make much of a difference. After the 3rd one... READ MORE

Options To Treat Hyperpigmentation After DeepFx on Fair Indian Skin?

I have a fair Indian Skin.I have deep Acne scars on my cheeks. I underwent a DeepFx Laser somedays back.The preset used were 35mj with a double pass... READ MORE

What is the permanent treatment for pigmentation? (Photo)

My mom got a treatment for pigmentation a year ago .She got a Glyco-Peel Treatment for 3 months each session after 2 weeks. The skin got cleared... READ MORE

What is the sign of permanent hyperpigmentation?

I have developed hyperpigmentation from c02 laser 9 months was first black is has slowly faded..but it is still there. Almost 50 %..... READ MORE

How do I Permanently remove Lower eyelid hyperpigmentation ?

My inner areas of my lower eyelid are darkly pigmented due to a strong soap I used 4 years ago. What are my options to permanently remove it? READ MORE

Is this pigmentation from a burn permanent? (Photo)

I burned myself 2 years ago and I am trying to fade the hyperpigmentation. The burn blistered when I got it. My derm told me its just pugmentationnas... READ MORE

How to know that you have permanent hyperpigmentatin ?

I developed hyperpigmentatation from co2 laser...its been 8 months still not to know that this is permanent ?? READ MORE

I have hyperpigmentation in the inner corners of my eyes. What are my options to permanently remove them?

Hello I have hyperpigmentation in the inner corners of my eyes most probably caused by skin lightening products in the past, what are my options to... READ MORE

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