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Treatment for Hyperpigmentation After Laser Resurfacing

Dear Doc! I got ablative fractional laser resurfacing on my face 2.5 weeks ago. I have developed change in color of skin, a dark patches on sides of... READ MORE

Treatment for Dark Pigmentation Around Eyes?

Hi, this is a question about darkness around the eye area. It is hereditary. I don't mean dark circles necessarily, but the area between the eye... READ MORE

Is Hyperpigmentation Permanent After Cryosurgery?

I had some brown spots on my cheeks and after my dermatologist applied Nitrogen it looks now like a dark patches will this go away on its own or what... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation in pale skin Asian. What treatment would you recommend?

I get hyperpigmentation whenever I cut myself or get bitten by a mosquito. It takes forever for the marks to fade and lots of times they are seemingly... READ MORE

How to Treat African American Dark Lips?

I'm African American. I have dark lips from smoking. Also, I have a pinkish color on my lower lip.How can I get my lips to the original color? Is... READ MORE

Treatment Options Becker's Nevus?

Hi: I am a 33 year-old Indian male currently living in Chicago, IL. I have a beckers nevus on my right shoulder since age 14. I am serious about... READ MORE

Dark pigmentation on upper lip and chin. What is this and what might be the best treatment for it? (photos)

I used hair removal creams and skin lightening creams, which damaged and darkened the area further. The pictures don't pick up the intensity of... READ MORE

Procedure for Dark Lips?

I'm a non-smoking African American, and my lips are getting darker. Is there a way to get the natural color of my lips back naturally or with medication? READ MORE

Best Cure for Darkening Lips?

My lips have turned extremely dark over a period of time and no home remedy seem to work for me. I have also tried applying Ban A Tan. Coul you... READ MORE

Is Obagi Nuderm System Safe for Dark Skin?

What would be the best, safest treatment for post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation on dark skin? READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation Treatment for Sensitive Skin?

My face is very discolored and I think it's from years of using prescribed 4% Hydroquinone. Now my face is sensitive to anything I use and makes me... READ MORE

Treatment for Lifelong Hyperpigmentation?

I suffer from hyperpigmentation, by birth. It is prevalent on my complete right arm, which gives it a color which is very dark than my original skin... READ MORE

Treatment Options for Hyperpigmentation on African American Skin?

I got a weird rash on my leg last year and it left a dark pigment. I am a dark skinned African-American and this pigment is several shades darker than... READ MORE

Continued Tri-Luma Use Needed After Desired Results?

I am using Tri-Luma now and the dark skin is slowing fading away. My question is, once my skin is how it should be, will I still need to continue... READ MORE

How can I get rid of dark inner thighs and dark inner buttocks ?

Before I got pregnant all my skin was even. I didn't have any darker areas, but now I have very dark inner thighs and buttocks. It looks unattractive.... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for pigmentation left by lichen planus?

I had lichen planus erupt on my forehead leaving me with dark pigmentation that have lingered on for a long time. I tried using hydroquinone but it... READ MORE

How to get rid of dark scars and hyperpigmentation on legs and arms? (photo)

I've had scars on my arms and legs since I was a little girl. It makes me feel very ugly. I'm 21 and I want to wear shorts skirts and dresses without... READ MORE

I had a surgical procedure on the dorsal side of my penis 6 months ago. Any suggestions for hyper pigmentation?

I was left with a rather large area (size of a quarter) that is hypopigmented. It clashes significantly with the surrounding skin which is more dark.... READ MORE

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