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15% TCA Peel Vs. IPL for Hyperpigmentation on Cheeks?

Is one treatment (TCA peel or IPL) more effective than the other for treating hyperpigmentation? I was told 3-4 peels would be sufficient, but I'm... READ MORE

I Had Q-switch Laser Done While Tan and Now Have Hyperpigmentation.How Do I Get Rid of It?

I went to Florida 4 weeks prior to my treatment but still had a healthy glow tan (not dark) when I had the treatment one week ago. Now I look worse... READ MORE

What Are the Available Freckles Treatment in India?

I have freckles on my nose and cheeks. What kind of treatment do I have to undergo? I stay at Hyderabad, India. READ MORE

How to Remove Brown Blotch on Cheekbone?

I have noticed that I have a brown blotch right where you apply blush. It is an oval spot. What can I do to get rid of it and what is the cause of it?... READ MORE

Treatments for Hyperpigmentation Due to Pregnancy?

What is the best treatment for my cheeks with hyperpigmentation? I noticed the brown spots after I gave birth to my last baby 2 years ago, 2006. From... READ MORE

Treatment for Hyperpigmentation Caused by Trauma?

I'm African American and 15 yrs ago, I was in a car accident with trauma to the head. As I healed, the blood pooled around my eye area, leaving me... READ MORE

What Treatment Works Best for Hyperpigmentation Not Associated with Rosacea?

I am mex/irish decent, and have very fair skin on my body. It's red from jawline to hairline and is worst on my cheeks/chin, It seems to vary in... READ MORE

Treatment for Hyperpigmentation After Popping a Pimple

Hi Doc, I am a 23 year old male from Delhi, India with wheatish to fair skin. I popped a pimple on the upper corner of my cheek and applied lots of... READ MORE

Will a Progesterone Only Pill Increase Risk of Skin Pigmentation

I was put on a pill with both hormones in and it has affected my skin with skin pigmentation all over my cheeks, the Dr took me off that pill and put... READ MORE

Pigmentation I Developed 10 Years Ago on Cheeks and Forehead?

How do I get rid of pigmentation on my cheeks and my forehead? I have not always had them they developed ten years ago. They are not very dark but are... READ MORE

I Would Like to Know What is the Best Treatment for my Scars and Lip Problem?

I am 26 yrs old.i have dark circles for past 8 years and icepick and boxscars on the cheecks.there is deep pigmentation in my cheecks and chin .and... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation and Dark Circles? (photo)

I am 29 old female having pigmentation at the cheeks for 6 years, since then i tried different peeling & whitening products including retune A +... READ MORE

I Have Hyperpigmentation in a Ridged Circle on Both Lower Cheeks from Laser Surgery in 1996. What Can Be Done?

I Have Hyperpigmentation in a Ridged Circle on Both Lower Cheeks from Laser Surgery in 1996. The Rest of my Face is Darker Especially after I was... READ MORE

After Using Tri Luma Creme for 2 Months, the Spot on my Cheek Went from Quite Light to Very Dark, Options?

Also, my MD didn't say to use at night so I was using in the morning and applying makeup immediately. What are your thoughts on both of these issues? READ MORE

1 Year Hyperpigmentation What Laser? (photo)

Ok i have had this hyper pigmentation for one year and i have tried hydroquinione tretinoin and chemical peels my last option is laser what is the... READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid of Small Brown Spots Left Behind from Previous Pimples? (photo)

I use to have some big pimples that when they went away, they left brown spots on my face. They aren't too bad or too noticeable but I just want then... READ MORE

How do I Fix Red Hyperpigmentaion on My Cheek? (photos)

I have red hyperpigmentaion on my cheek how do I get rid of it? READ MORE

How can I fix discoloration from putting rubbing alcohol on my face? (photo)

I put rubbing alcohol on my face and now I have discoloration bad. Please help! READ MORE

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