Causes + Hyperpigmentation

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I Have Skin Issues All over my Face Back and Chest I Think It is PIH? (photo)

I am a 27 year old south Asian (brown). I have marks and pigmentation all over my face back and chest now. I think it is PIH. I want to get rid of it... READ MORE

Dark Spots on Legs - Cause and Treatment?

I have dark discolorations/spot on my legs. i went to a dermatologist and he said i can't do laser spot removal on my legs because of my... READ MORE

What are the causes of pigmentation? Treament Options?

What are the causes of pigmentation? Treament Options? READ MORE

A circular mark appeared on my armpit, what might it be? (Photos)

A circular mark appeared on my armpit. My armpit has not physically come in contact with anything, so I do not think it is a bruise. It is slightly... READ MORE

I have this darkness around my mouth. It started off light but continues to spread. What is causing it? (Photo)

Spreading. I really hate this on my face and have been unable to find a reason. READ MORE

What does this skin abnormality appear to be? (Photo)

For over 10 years, I've had this skin abnormality around my upper right chest. It hasn't spread or got darker since I first discovered it. Judging by... READ MORE

Is there any chance that hyperprolactinemia cause a hyperpigmentation on the skin?

Increased in hormon prolactin whats possible complication of it..because i have a dark mac on my shoulders and high level of prolactin i wonder if... READ MORE

What is this? I've had this for about 3 years. It doesn't hurt, itch or sting. (Photo)

Need an opinion on what this might be. Had this for about 3 years now. Doesn't hurt, itch or sting. Honestly I wouldn't know it was there if I didn't... READ MORE

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