Age 25-34 + Hyperpigmentation

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Severe Hyperpigmentation on Face and Neck

I have severe case of hyper-pigmentation, face and neck are dark (as if done extreme labor under sun)& very fair body makes me two person with two... READ MORE

I Have Skin Issues All over my Face Back and Chest I Think It is PIH? (photo)

I am a 27 year old south Asian (brown). I have marks and pigmentation all over my face back and chest now. I think it is PIH. I want to get rid of it... READ MORE

Pigmentation query. Please help me out with suggestions.

Hi , im 26 yrs old suffering from pigmentation on front n back side of the neck. Front part of is light brown whereas back side is worst darkest brown... READ MORE

I have redness and hyperpigmentation. It is in small spots all over. How can I get rid of them, and prevent them? (Photo)

I have some small little dark spots over my cheeks and chin that started showing up over the past year. I am 28, and have always been in the sun most... READ MORE

Treatment Options Becker's Nevus?

Hi: I am a 33 year-old Indian male currently living in Chicago, IL. I have a beckers nevus on my right shoulder since age 14. I am serious about... READ MORE

Darkening Upper Lip After Waxing?

I am 34 women of Latin descent. I started waxing my upper lip last fall for the first time. I was going to a salon that used soy wax, which never goes... READ MORE

Pigmentation and Uneven Skin Tone (Asian Female)

Hi i am 30 yr old asian gal with alot of pigmention and uneven skin i am getting married in june can you please advice me what can i do to improve my... READ MORE

I Would Like to Know What is the Best Treatment for my Scars and Lip Problem?

I am 26 yrs old.i have dark circles for past 8 years and icepick and boxscars on the cheecks.there is deep pigmentation in my cheecks and chin .and... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation and Dark Circles? (photo)

I am 29 old female having pigmentation at the cheeks for 6 years, since then i tried different peeling & whitening products including retune A +... READ MORE

Please can you assist me in finding a solution to getting my forehead colour back to my normal lighter skin colour? (Photo)

I'm not sure how it's gotten to this point but it looks terrible! And only recently did I really start to stop and think about. My skin colour in... READ MORE

Where Can I Find a Doctor in the Caribbean or Miami Who Removes Pigmentation on the Tongue?

I have brown spots on my tongue, which I was told by my dentist is harmless and most likely genetic. My aunt has these spots, and I also have a... READ MORE

Any suggestions for hyper pigmentation of skin and early signs of wrinkles between eyebrows for 26-yr-old? (Photo)

I'm a bit frustrated with the hyper pigmentation and the acne scars on my cheeks. My dermatologist says the Retin-A micro he has prescribed will clear... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation on indian skin (photo)

I am a 26 years old indian guy .i have a hyper pigmentation on my cheek for more than 10 years .i tried tri luma cream with not so great results. Now... READ MORE

Can you suggest me any cream or tablet to get rid of the pigmentation on my face?

Hello Doctor, I am 30yrs old female, i have tanning on my face and a bit circle of pigmentation on one cheek, i used some cream, face wash but it... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation stains in face/dermatological issue. Could an IUS mirena progesterone coil make the pigmentation worse?

I am 34 years old and started to suffer from pigmentation stains on my face. I am suspecting this might have been caused by using oral contraception... READ MORE

Best inexpensive treatment for post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation? (photos)

I'm a 30 y/o female with quite a few spots on my very Caucasian face from previous acne lesions. I am desperate to get them cleared up so my skin can... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation due to pregnancy and severe acne scars. Is there any skin care product that you suggest for me?

Hi I had a baby last November and my face has visible hyper pigmentation (This started with pregnancy) and i have lot of acne scars as well. Is there... READ MORE

What is this brown pigmentation. (photo)

I just noticed these spots and brown pigmentation. I'm only 26, any ideas? READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for dark spots?

Hello,m 25 yr girl, i have quite big area covered with black spots on d back of my right leg comparison to my left leg it luk very bad n because of... READ MORE

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