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How Do I Control Excess Sweating from Scalp/face and Neck?

I have a problem where my hair gets drenched in sweat when I do any physical activity especially when Im out for the night dancing. I naturally have... READ MORE

Alternative Treatment for Hyperhidrosis

My son who is 17 years old and has palmer hyperhidrosis. What are some treatment options besides Botox? READ MORE

Can Botox Hyperhidrosis Be Reversed?

Hi, I had botox hyperhidrosis (armpits) administered nearly 4 years ago now & despite reports of not being able to last this long, it has not wore... READ MORE

Is There Treatment for Compensatory Sweating or Reverse Procedure for ETS?

Is There Treatment for Compensatory Sweating or Reverse Procedure for ETS? READ MORE

Probleme with Hyaluronidas

I have juverderm injected on my nasolabial and it was really bad,so the doctor try to dissolve 3 times with hyaluronidase nothing chang but i have a... READ MORE

Hyperdidrosis - No Results After Botox. What Can I Try?

I've always had to carry deodorant and scent free wipes in my purse to clean off & reapply deodorant during the day due to hyperhidrosis. The... READ MORE

What Treatments Can Help With Excessive Sweating?

I sweat a lot on my face and palms especially when I find myself in awkward or embarrassing social situations. I'll also start sweating excessively... READ MORE

Truncal hyperhidrosis is ruining my life. What are my options?

I am 36 yo woman, tall, lean and fit. I eat healthy. I have had hyperhidrosis of the groin and inner thigh, butt for the last couple years. It used to... READ MORE

Excessive sweating, body hair, and keratosis pilaris. So self conscious. Why do I do this?

Ever since I started my menstural cycle at 12 years old I have been so embarrassed of my legs, arms, and chest. I can't wear certain clothes without... READ MORE

Hyperhidrosis detail. How can I fix it and who can do it?

I am facing the problem of Accessive Sweeting due to Hyperhydrosis.. My accessive sweeting areas on my body are Hands,Feets and Armpits...Please give... READ MORE

What should I do to get rid of aluminum toxicity in my sweat glands?

I'm a 23 year old female who has had axillary Hyperhidrosis since ninth grade. For two years I have been trying to get any kind of relief from the... READ MORE

Is it normal? Is there any treatment for unnaturally sweaty hands and feet?

Ever since I was little I noticed that whenever I was slightly nervous or it was somewhat hot/humid outside (or even inside) my hands and feet get... READ MORE

Can armpit scars from hyperhidrosis surgery easily be revised?

I have my second BA coming up in two weeks time and I was wondering whether it would be worth asking my ps to revise my old scars under my arms from a... READ MORE

Severe Hyperhidrosis causing excessive sweat in palm, armpits, buttock and foot. What treatments are available in India?

It's really embarrassing one, palm sweating started when I was 12, and two years before all the other regions like armpits, buttock and foot started,... READ MORE

Can hyaluronic acid be inserted into skin with iontophoresis?

I think it would be a good treatment but I can't find any scientific paper in internet about this, just one but done in rats. READ MORE

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