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Best Treatment for Recurrent Xanthelasma - Previously Surgically Removed

Mother had this surgically removed, did not recur. Sister also had hers surgically removed, hers came back. She did not have them retreated and they... READ MORE

Only One Nipple Gets Hard, Is This Normal?

Hi doctors i just notice this pass days that only my left nipple gets hard when it gets cold. My right side wont get hard at all. Only if i touch it... READ MORE

What is This Itchy Lumpy Temporary Rash All over my Body?

Have been suffering from a body rash. Started near 3rd DEC. Appears majorly on back, stomach, h&s, thighs & lower neck. Minor eruptions on... READ MORE

Have my Wisdom Teeth Made my Face Thinner?

Hi all, I want to know if the wisdom teeth extraction makes the face shape thinner? Since i got this medical intervention (4 months ago, 3 teeth out),... READ MORE

I Have Dark Circles on my Toes from Using Dr. Scholl's Corn Remover

About 12 years ago, I used Dr. Scholl's corn remover on all of my toes. As a result, I developed dark circles on all of my toes. I have been to... READ MORE

What is the Best Toothpaste for Bonded Teeth?

I had the front teeth bonded and now they are getting stained. Help! READ MORE

How Do You Get Rid of Bruises from Iron Injections?

I had four iron injections (one each week) several months ago and I still have four large bruise that hurt and won't go away. Is there anything I can... READ MORE

Hot or Cold to Reduce Swelling?

I got my wisdom teeth out recently, but my doctor seemed to be giving me mixed messages as to whether I should use hot or cold compresses! I felt as... READ MORE

How to Care for a Facial Laceration Immediately After Suture Removal?

Following an injury,I had 11 facial sutures removed yesterday (after 4 1/2 days). For the 4 1/2 days prior,using sterile q tips, I cleaned the sutures... READ MORE

What Happens if Stitches Come Loose Four Days After Giving Birth to a Baby?

Stitches internally /externally have come loose causing stinging terribly when going to the toilet passing urine etc also a light brown discharge is... READ MORE

Raised Scar/Cyst/Mole/Papilloma

Three months ago I developed a swelling of my nose. On top of the swelling was a large pimple. The swelling went, But unfortunately the pimple never... READ MORE

Possible Hernia After Surgery to Remove Ovary and Fallopian Tube Laproscopically? (photo)

Approx. 4 weeks ago I had surgery to remove my right ovary and fallopian tube laporscopically. 2 days ago I started feeling sensitive at the belly... READ MORE

Addicted to Demerol?

Prior to having a hysterectomy this past Monday, I was experiencing alot to abdominal pain. I was taking Demerol 4 times a day/everyday for over a... READ MORE

Asymmetric Sagging Cheeks and Mouth

35/female - significant facial sagging.Sunken/hollow, flat cheeks; much worse on the right side. My mouth also droops. I've had Radiesse - 2... READ MORE

Tight Chest Pains, Shallow Breathing and Feeling Sick From Codeine?

Okok basically had a terrible back injury given several types of pain medication none of which worked so now I've been give codeine- however I get... READ MORE

How to Care for Face After Stitch Removal?

I recently had stitches removed from my face. I've heard mixed suggestions on aftercare. Two days after the stitches came out I began to wash and... READ MORE

How Long Should It Take for Sutures in the Eye to Dissolve?

Removal of a film over the retina required three incissions, which resulted in self desolving stitches. READ MORE

Cortisone Injections and Atrophy

I have received cortisone injectiosn for once a month for the last three months. I have recently noticed that the site of the injections are slightly... READ MORE

31 Stitches in Head - When Will Swelling Go Down?

I Got Hit in the Head with a Plate Got 31 Stitches when Will the Swelling Go Down READ MORE

Repeated Umbilical Hernia Repairs

I have had 4 Umbilical Hernias; each of the first 3 failed and in all 4, the surgeon used an Alloderm patch. My understanding is that a... READ MORE

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