Hair Transplant Videos

Hair Transplant: Preparing the Recipient Site For New Hair

See a patient receive a new head of hair as recipient sites are prepared for the final transplant. VIEW NOW

7 Months After FUE Hair Transplant: See This 180 Degree View

After seven months and 3,500 grafts during FUE hair transplant surgery, this patient shares his new head of hair. See a 180 degree look at the final results. VIEW NOW

FUE Hair Transplant in Action — See the Procedure as It Happens

Dr. Patrick Mwamba extracts beard hair by follicular isolation technique during a procedure performed in Brussels, Belgium. VIEW NOW

See Individual Hair Grafts Placed One by One in This Eyebrow Restoration

To create this patient's new eyebrows, Dr. Sara Wasserbauer places individual hair grafts one at a time. Watch the labor-intensive procedure for yourself. VIEW NOW

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Hairline Design: The Doctor Marks Out This Male Patient's New Hair

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein marks out the new head of hair for this male patient. To provide a natural appearance, the hairs are transplanted one at a time with the finest hairs up front, the doctor notes. VIEW NOW

45-Year-Old Man Has a New Head of Hair: See the Final Results of This FUT Transplant

This 45-year-old male patient underwent a strip FUT hair transplant in 2012. See the results of his procedure — all 2,775 grafts and 5,450 hairs of it! VIEW NOW

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Who Makes a Good Hair Transplant Candidate?

Are you a good candidate for a hair transplant? Dr. Anthony Bared shares what he looks for before deciding on a procedure. VIEW NOW

1 Year Later: See the Results of This Hair Transplant on a Male Patient

Dr. Anthony Bared visits with a patient who is one year post-op after his hair graft surgery. See the results. VIEW NOW

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Hair Grafting: See the Doctor in Action as He Creates Recipient Sites

Curious about hair grafting? Dr. Anthony Bared demonstrates his surgical technique on a male patient. VIEW NOW

Beard Transplant: This Young Man Has His Patchy Beard Fixed

Unhappy with his patchy beard, this young man underwent a hybrid hair transplant procedure combining strip and FUE techniques. Dr. Anthony Bared explains. VIEW NOW

FUE Beard Transplant: This Patient Receives Hair Grafts to His Face

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein marks out a beard transplant and discusses the procedure to come. VIEW NOW

Eyebrow Transplant Final Result: See How This Young Patient Looks 1 Day Post-Op

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein checks in with a young female patient one day after her eyebrow transplant. See the results. VIEW NOW

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FUT Strip Hair Transplant: Watch the Surgery From Beginning to End

Meet Jake, a candidate for FUT (Traditional Strip Method) hair restoration surgery. See Dr. Amir Yazdan perform the procedure from beginning to end. VIEW NOW

FUE Hair Transplant: See This Procedure From Start to Finish

Dr. Amir Yazdan of the Modena Hair Transplant Center walks us through the FUE hair transplant procedure from start to finish. See every step and the patient's final results. VIEW NOW

17-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Receives Hair Transplant

After being diagnosed with brain cancer at age nine, this now 17-year-old survivor wants to replace the hair loss damage done during treatment. Dr. Jeffrey Epstein is here to help. VIEW NOW