Hair Transplant Videos

Doctors Doing Good: Teenage Cancer Survivor Gets His Hair Back

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein gets ready to perform a free hair transplant on a teenage cancer survivor. VIEW NOW

How Is a Robot Used During a Hair Transplant Procedure?

Dr. Robert Bernstein discusses how and why a robot is being used with certain hair transplant procedures. VIEW NOW

What to Do If You're Not a Good Candidate For a Hair Transplant

Has a doctor told you that you aren't a good candidate for a hair transplant? Dr. Amiya Prasad discusses why this is, and what options you have at your disposal. VIEW NOW

Chest Hair Transplant Results: Patient Goes From "Nothing to Natural"

No, Tom wasn’t shaving his chest… even if his lack of hair made people think that he was. Dr. Jeffrey Epstein reveals the results of a hair transplant surgery, which provided a natural transformation to a fuller-looking chest. VIEW NOW

How Have Hair Transplants Changed Through the Years?

Dr. Scott Thompson explains some of the ways in which hair transplants have evolved in the past few years. VIEW NOW

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Hair Transplant Strip Method vs FUE: What Are the Differences?

Dr. Yael Halaas explains the process of a hair transplant and the differences between the strip method and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). VIEW NOW

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Hair Grafts 1 Year After Transplantation

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein introduces a patient who underwent 2,200 grafts to the top of his head about a year ago and is back to show off his results. VIEW NOW

Hair Transplant 5 Years Post-Op: Back For a Touch-Up

Dr. Jeffery Epstein introduces a patient who has had a hair transplant before, about 5 years prior. The transplants have grown in well and he has returned for some touch-up grafts to fill in the edges. VIEW NOW

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Cosmetic Eyebrow Transplant To Thicken and Darken Brows

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein explains how eyebrow transplants should still imitate natural hair growth, so when done properly, they should be transplanted to grow in several different directions, as natural brows would. VIEW NOW

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Eyelash Transplant Produces Longer, Fuller Lashes

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein takes us into the operating room where he shows us an eyelash transplant procedure. VIEW NOW

Male Hair Graft: Second Strip Graft

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein introduces a male patient who has just undergone his second hair transplant procedure. The first was around 2,200 grafts and this second procedure was smaller at only 900. VIEW NOW

Hair Transplant FUE Graft From Chest Results

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein is with a patient who has undergone a series of FUE chest to head hair transplants. Dr. Epstein explains why this technique is not generally the first line treatment option. VIEW NOW

Male Hair Transplant at 4 Months of Growth

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein explains, with the help of a patient, what 4 months of hair growth should look like following a hair transplant. VIEW NOW

Eyebrow Enhancement: Immediate Results Post-Procedure

Dr.Jeffrey Epstein explains, with the help of a patient, just how immediate the results of an eyebrow enhancement can be. VIEW NOW

Hair Transplant Procedure in the Operating Room

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein demonstrates a hair transplant right in the operating room, explaining how recipient sites are made. VIEW NOW