Hair Transplant Videos

FUE Hair Transplant: Learn How the Technique Has Evolved in the Past 12 Years

FUE has come a long way since its early days in 2002. Pioneering scientist behind the method Dr. Robert M. Bernstein describes how the process works and how it has evolved in the past decade. VIEW NOW

FUE Hair Transplant Time: Does the ARTAS Robot Speed Up the Procedure?

Thanks to the ARTAS robot, FUE hair transplants are faster than ever but more importantly, as Dr. Robert M. Bernstein explains, they're are also more precise. VIEW NOW

Take a Brow! See the Results of This Eyebrow Transplant Just 1 Hour After Surgery

Just one hour after surgery and 600 grafts later and this eyebrow transplant recipient raves about her experience with Dr. Jeffrey Epstein. The final result of the transplant will appear between six and eight months after surgery, he explains. VIEW NOW

Robo-Doc: See a Robotic Hair Transplant Procedure as It Happens!

Dr. Robert M. Bernstein and the team at Restoration Robotics, Inc., demonstrate the capabilities of the ARTAS robotic hair transplant system. VIEW NOW

Robotic Hair Restoration: What's the Post-Op Recovery Time For a FUE Hair Transplant?

Dr. Robert M. Bernstein discusses robotic FUE hair restoration and one of its biggest benefits: You can get back to normal activity sooner rather than later! VIEW NOW

Lowering a Hairline That Cannot Be Hidden With Bangs Alone

Dr. Sheldon Kabaker walks us through the process of lowering a patient's hairline, touching on his technique, picking the ideal candidate, and whether men or women benefit more from this procedure. VIEW NOW

Diagnosing Female Hair Loss and the Various Treatments Available

Dr. Jennifer Ahdout discusses female hair loss, why it happens, what the treatment options are, and even what's coming down the pike for other areas of the body that suffer from hair loss. VIEW NOW

A High Forehead or Square Hairline: "Come on Down!"

Women with hair struggles such as a high forehead or a square hairline finally have options to achieve a more traditionally feminine cast to their faces, explains Dr. Jeffery Spiegel. VIEW NOW

FUE: The Scarless Hair Transplant Technique

FUE transplant, or follicular unit extraction, is a new technique for hair transplantation. In this video, Dr. Hamilton further discusses the pros and cons of this procedure. VIEW NOW

Transplanting Eyebrows or Beards

When asked about invasive versus non-invasive facial rejuvenation procedures, Dr. Sheldon Kabaker notes that it's rarely one or the other and that using the two together produces an ideal result, if done correctly. VIEW NOW

What to Look For in a Prospective Surgeon for Your Hair Transplantation

Dr. Mark Hamilton prepares you about hair transplantation and what to seek in a potential surgeon. VIEW NOW

Does Having the FUE Robot Increase the Number of Candidates For Hair Transplant?

Dr. Robert Bernstein talks about the candidacy of a hair transplant and whether having the new FUE robot assisting with the surgeries increases the number of individuals who are eligible. VIEW NOW

Robotic FUE Hair Transplant Procedure, Part 3: Graft Harvesting

Dr. Robert Bernstein narrates as he and his team of assistants prepares the patient for graft harvesting by the ARTAS Robot for an FUE hair transplant. VIEW NOW

How Permanent is a Hair Transplant?

Hair Transplant specialist Dr. Jeffrey Epstein discusses the permanence of a hair transplant procedure. An overwhelming majority of our patients achieve outstanding, industry leading regrowth percentages of transplanted hairs. VIEW NOW

Robotic FUE Hair Transplant Procedure, Part 2: Manual Recipient Site Creation

In Part 2 of a three-video series on Follicular Unit Extraction (Robotic-FUE), Dr. Robert Bernstein describes the recipient site creation process. VIEW NOW

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