Hair Transplant Videos

Thinning Temples After a Facelift? Learn If a Hair Transplant Will Work For You

Did you have a facelift and now you're losing your hair along the temples? Dr. Michael Wolfeld explains available treatment options. VIEW NOW

Overplucked Your Eyebrows? This Doctor Explains Your Transplant Options

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein explains how an eyebrow transplant works and what you should expect. VIEW NOW

What to Expect During a Hair Transplant Consultation — Explained in 60 Seconds

If you're going in for a hair transplant consultation, here's what to expect, as described by Dr. Michael Wolfeld. VIEW NOW

FUE vs. FUG: Which Makes a Better Hair Transplant?

Two acronyms, two different hair transplant results. Is FUE or FUG better? Dr. Jeffrey Epstein lists the pros and cons of each. VIEW NOW

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How Do Modern Hair Transplants Differ From Old Procedures?

Dr. Robert M. Bernstein explains how today’s hair transplants differ from those pluggy old procedures. Even better news? Hair restoration surgeons can repair old transplants using modern techniques. VIEW NOW

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Diffuse Patterned and Unpatterned Hair Loss: Which Can Be Treated With a Hair Transplant?

Patients with diffuse patterned (DPA) and unpatterned (DUPA) hair loss can be treated with medication, but which patient is a good candidate for a hair transplant? Dr. Robert M. Bernstein has the answer. VIEW NOW

Can Hair Grafts Fall Out After a Hair Transplant?

Worried your hair grafts will fall out after your hair transplant? Dr. Robert M. Bernstein is here to calm your fears. VIEW NOW

Hair Plugs: Why It's Best to Totally Remove Them If Possible

Remember hair plugs? Dr. Robert Bernstein discusses the history of this procedure that gave hair transplants a bad name and how he continues to work with plugs. VIEW NOW

Medical Publications: Why They Matter to You

Ever noticed how much doctors reference medical publications? Ever wondered why that is? Dr. Robert M. Bernstein explains. VIEW NOW

High Female Hairline: See Before and After Photos of This Patient's Hair Transplant

A naturally occurring high hairline gets a new look when this female patient undergoes a hair transplant surgery. VIEW NOW

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Why Does Transplanted Hair Not Fall Out Over Time?

Ever wondered why transplanted hair doesn't go the way of the hair it replaced? Dr. Robert M. Bernstein discusses donor dominance. VIEW NOW

Who Makes a Good Candidate For a Hair Transplant?

Curious if you're a candidate for a hair transplant? Dr. Robert M. Bernstein discusses what specialists look for before scheduling any procedures. VIEW NOW

Should I Use Rogaine After My Hair Transplant? The Answer May Surprise You

Had a hair transplant and now wondering if Rogaine is still an option? Dr. Omeed Memar weighs in. VIEW NOW

Hair Transplant: Preparing the Recipient Site For New Hair

See a patient receive a new head of hair as recipient sites are prepared for the final transplant. VIEW NOW

7 Months After FUE Hair Transplant: See This 180 Degree View

After seven months and 3,500 grafts during FUE hair transplant surgery, this patient shares his new head of hair. See a 180 degree look at the final results. VIEW NOW