Medication + Hair Transplant

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What Are Some of the Supplements That Are Taken After a Hair Transplant?

Is there an effective lotion or medication that can speed up hair growth after a transplant? READ MORE

What Are the Chances of Unsuccessful Hair Transplant?

What ointments or drugs can be used to increase the success rate? What does one do to prepare for a hair transplant? READ MORE

Can I Have Hair Trasplant While On Accutane?

Iam presently taking acctuane 30 mg daily. Iam 2 months into it. And probably it would be a 5 month course. Now i want to undergo Hair Transplant. Can... READ MORE

Can You Have Hair Transplant Surgery if You Are Taking Celexa?

It states on websites that tricyclic anti depressants must be stopped 2 weks before surgery but how about ssri's? READ MORE

Hair Transplant and Erectile Dysfunction Meds?

I am thinking of getting a hair transplant. Are there any issues with using erectile dysfunction meds ( Cialis of Viagra) post surgery. I know they... READ MORE

About Medicine and how long after hair transplantation?

Hi nice to see this site very informative regarding hair transplantations, now I would like to know about medicine, what medicine should I take after... READ MORE

Can I stop taking medication after hair transplant?

Can I stop medicine which I am using since after transplantation as on 19/08/2013, the medicine in (minoxidil, Fenalo Table, and some multivitamin... READ MORE

Why do doctors recommended using minoxidil (5%) for 6 months for newly transplanted hair?

Why after hair transplant maximum doctors recommended minoxidil (5%) using for 6 months for newly transplanted hair ? If any one can stop using... READ MORE

Do I have to take medicines?

After hair transplanting, should I have to take medicine? If yes, how long should I take? will that medicine give a side effect? READ MORE

Is stopping medication required before hair transplant? Insure of response I received.

Hi, I'm a transgender individual and I'd like information about stopping medication before hair restoration surgery if possible. My surgeon... READ MORE

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