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Did I Pull out Grafts One Week After a Hair Transplant? (photo)

I'm 24 year old male. I had a hair transplant of 3000 grafts 7 days ago. Tonight I washed my hair and gently rubbed it with my fingers because... READ MORE

What is the Maximum Number Grafts That Can Be Done in One Transplant Session?

Fifteen year since my last transplant session. it took 2 or 3 sessions to do approx. 1200 grafts. has the process improved in the last 15 years? READ MORE

When Full-Thickness Skin Grafts Are Used, Do the Hair Follicles in the Graft Survive and Grow in the Recipient Area?

When Full-Thickness Skin Grafts Are Used, Do the Hair Follicles in the Graft Survive and Grow in the Recipient Area? READ MORE

Losing Grafts After Hair Transplant?

I recognized 6 days after the surgery that the scabs looks like grafts. There are hairs with a white / brown bulb on the end.... as you can see on the... READ MORE

1 year post Hair transplant, I have slow growth. (photo)

1 yr back had hair transplant of 2250 grafts.. Hair has grown back after shedding but they r not growing in length even after 5 months.. READ MORE

Two Doctors, Gave Me Two Different Numbers of Grafts to Be Implanted. Which One Should Consider is Right?

One told me that can do 3000 grafts in a single sessions, the other doctor told me he could only do 1500 (only the front of my head) as he said there... READ MORE

How Many Total Grafts Are There (Under the Occipital Bump) in the Safe Donor Area at the Back of the Head?

Is It Possible to Remove Every Single Graft from the Safe Donor Area with Repeated FUE Sessions? READ MORE

24 years old. How many grafts do I need? (photo)

Age: 24 Minor hair loss since 19 years old. 22 years old: noticeable hairlines loss till now. My father is bald, my older brother is getting there... READ MORE

I want to restore my juvenile/feminine hairline: How many grafts should I expect for this? (Photo)

The title explained it for the most part. I want to lower my hairline to around estimate hairline drawn and would like to know what I should expect in... READ MORE

Is my donor area healing normally 18 days after Hair Transplant? (photo)

I had my hair transplant 18 days ago in turkey. About 3800 grafts. Everything is going great except that i am worried that my donor are is not healing... READ MORE

Can we see the roots after shedding of scabs? I'm on day 9 after hair transplant

Hello, i am on day 9th after my HT and i am experiencing initial shedding of scabs that too with hair and this is not only during shower but also when... READ MORE

I have no hair on the crown of my head at all and am now 40 years of age. Have many grafts would I need? Cost in GBP? (Photo)

I only have hair at the sides of my head and about 2 inches up from the bottom of my head at the back. I really want a transplant but have no idea... READ MORE

I'm balding quickly at 18 years old. Advice for hair transplantation? (photos)

I basically would like to know the ballpark cost of a hair transplant to restore my hairline to its natural position. How many grafts would I need in... READ MORE

28 days post op Neograft, I noticed quite a bit of grafts have fallen off. Is this normal? (photo)

Hi, I am 28 days post Neograft... Up until about 3 weeks post transplant I had not lost to many grafts that were implanted (for receding hairline).... READ MORE

Hairline Advancement / Hairline Lowering. How many grafts would I need to reduce the size of my forehead? (photos)

Born with high forehead, wanting to reduce its size. I want to get hair transplants and want to know approximately how many grafts I would need to... READ MORE

Hair has receded and caused me to be unhappy with my appearance: What am I to expect with hair transplants? (Photo)

The masculine appearance caused by the hairline has caused me to become very unhappy with myself and I'm looking to recreate the lower feminine... READ MORE

If I Had a Friend with my Ideal Hair Type Donate His Hair for a Graph Would It Stick Charactistic Wise?

I've seen questions here asking if it was possible to change your hair type through surgery and every doctor has said your hair will stay the same... READ MORE

What is the difference between Hair Transplant centers charging per graft, vs charging per follicles? (photos)

What the difference between the following two statements by two different HT centers: 1.We charge $xxx per graft and other told me that 2. we charge... READ MORE

Hair lost during crust removal. Is this normal?

Hi. I got 4600 grafts one week ago. Now the crust formed during hair transplant is coming off but along with I saw a lot of hairs coming off as well.... READ MORE

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