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How Much Does FUE Hair Transplant Cost?

How much does the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method of hair transplant cost? READ MORE

Hair Falling off 4 Years After Hair Transplantation (FUE) Procedure

Hi, I had my FUE procedure done 4 years ago. But now my transplanted hair is falling off again. is it normal? what are my options now? thanks in advacne READ MORE

FUE White Dot Scars - Options to Fix It?

I have terrible fue scarring after 3000 grafts and wonder what I can do about it. 1.Fraxel laser to see if the white dots blend out and golfball... READ MORE

How Many FUE Grafts Would I Need to Restore my Hairline? (PHOTO)

I lost the hair around my peaks in my early twenties (I'm thirty now), it hasn't worsened much since then. The miniaturized hairs have been like that... READ MORE

Can Transplanted Hair Be Removed and Repositioned?

I had 4 hair transplants and the last doctor went to far down and made an unnatural pattern, I want to know if the hair can be removed by the FUE... READ MORE

How Many Grafts Will I Need? (photo)

I am a male in my early 20's and live in Texas. I know I'm young, but I do not have a history of baldness on either my father or mothers side. I have... READ MORE

Criteria For Choosing A Hair Transplant Doctor/Clinic? I'd Like a More Youthful Hairline. (photo)

I am a 42 year old male who has a stable but receeded hairline (no changes in the past 8 years). I would like to return / fill-in my hairline in the... READ MORE

Any additional ways to stimulate hair growth post FUE? (photo)

I had 1500 grafts at the end of July and my hair is growing, but only certain hairs. I was wondering when I will see hair growth in the areas between... READ MORE

Is the FUE hair transplant method a option for men of African descent? If so, where? (photo)

I am a male of African descent, 37 years of age and approximately stage 3 to 4 on the Norwood scale. I live in Ontario Canada. I'm told I would... READ MORE

Hairline Advancement Surgery or FUE?

Hello, I am trying to decide between FUE or surgery. I do not have substantial thinning and am concerned that the transplanted hair may not match the... READ MORE

When I Can Lift Weights and Run After FUE Hair Transplant?

Hi all, 15 days ago I made a FUE HT. The clinic advised me to rest 14 days for lifting weights. It's been a while and I have really wanted to go to... READ MORE

Can I Get FUE if I'm Not Balding? If I Have a Naturally Bad Hairline, So Can I Get FUE to Correct It?

I would love to fix my hairline, but I don't know if I would be able to--it seems like FUE is just a corrective surgery. The part of my hairline that... READ MORE

2300 Grafts Using FUE Hair Transplant Method? (photo)

Previous Question "I talked with a doctor about FUE hair transplant. After seeing my hair he said I will need about 2300 grafts, and cost about... READ MORE

FUE and Cowlicks?

I've decided to get a hair transplant. I'm 29, and still have most of my hair: approximately a #2 on the Hamilton-Norwood Scale. Most of my hair loss... READ MORE

Hair Retention After FUE Based Transplant, How Long will They Stay?

If hairs are taken from Chest area using FUE method then how long will they stay on the recipient area? READ MORE

When and Wil my Hair Transplant Thicken and Blend with the Non Transplanted Hair? (photo)

Hello, I had an FUE in December, 2012 1500 grafts in the front of my head. My hair started growing at 4 months, and seems to continue to grow slowly.... READ MORE

FUE/Hair Transplant?

Hi, I'm a 25 year old man and it seems baldness runs in my family. I am losing my crown and temples and want the FUE surgery. I also am afraid... READ MORE

With 3000 Grafts FUE HT, What Percentage of 3k Grafts Should Contain 1 Hair Grafts in a Normal Person? (photo)

I have had a 3000 graft fue session and i had 65 % of the grafts come out with only 1 hair grafts, 30% 2 hair grafts and 5% 3 hair grafts, i was... READ MORE

FUE HT Post Op Help Rednees and Goose Bumps? (photo)

I have these small goose bumps all over my recipient area i month post op FUE HT with redness. Is it normal and will it subside? I am very paranoid it... READ MORE

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