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Hair Transplant Donor Scar Repair

Are there options with lasers for the white dot scaring in the donor area. I have old grafts from 13 years or so. I have the open donor/harvesting... READ MORE

Can Hair Transplants Look Natural? What Areas Can Be Used as Donor Hair?

Fine Hairs are needed at the sides of my forehead to make it appear that my forehead is less wide than it actually is. I prefer not to use the back of... READ MORE

Where Does the Hair Come from in a Hair Transplant?

I'm a female curious about getting a hair transplant to fill in bald patches on my head. Where does the hair come from used in a hair transplant?... READ MORE

What Happens if a Man Would Lose the Majority of His Donor Hair at the Back of the Head Through Burn Injury?

What Happens if a Man Would Lose the Majority of His Donor Hair at the Back of the Head Through Burn Injury? READ MORE

Hair Transplant incision and scaring?

What kind of donor site incision wound can I expect from my upcoming hair transplant? What can I do to minimize scarring or prepare for the procedure? READ MORE

Is Most of the Donor Hair Area Located Under the Area of the Occipital Bump?

Hello, I was wondering, is most of the donor hair located under occipital bump area at the back of the head? I have seen most donor strips taken from... READ MORE

Is my donor area healing normally 18 days after Hair Transplant? (photo)

I had my hair transplant 18 days ago in turkey. About 3800 grafts. Everything is going great except that i am worried that my donor are is not healing... READ MORE

Why can't you receive a hair transplant from a cadaver or another person if you are a good match?

I am studying allogenic hair transplants, and I was wondering if you have the same bloodtype and share many antigens in common then would your immune... READ MORE

If I Had a Friend with my Ideal Hair Type Donate His Hair for a Graph Would It Stick Charactistic Wise?

I've seen questions here asking if it was possible to change your hair type through surgery and every doctor has said your hair will stay the same... READ MORE

Why can't I get a hair transplant from another person?

Dermal sheath or dermal papilla cells are immune-resistant. Past research has shown that transplanting these cells from the donor to the recipient... READ MORE

Infected Donor Scar. How will this affect the healing process of donor area? (photos)

Hello, I am now 8 days post op where I underwent FUT procedure (4,157 grafts) at the MHTA clinic. My donor area scar was infected despite thoroughly... READ MORE

I have Alopecia and have lost my eyebrows. Is there any other kind of transplant I could have?

I have Alopecia and have lost my eyebrows. I have seen a transplant doctor. And he advised not get a transplant because as I have alopecia any donor... READ MORE

Is it possible to laser away original receding hair and replace it with strong donor hair?

As receding hair is progressive is it not possible for someone say at NW2 or 3 to have more of their hair behind their receded hair lasered off and... READ MORE

Is getting transplants on the body (beard, eyebrow, anywhere else) a bad idea because it uses up donor hair?

Since oyu have a limited amount of donor hair, isnt getting transplants on different areas of your body a bad idea because you will not have access to... READ MORE

Can I use beard and chest for some of my donor hair ? (photos)

I have had consult with bosley and was told I do not have enough donor hair to get the coverage I desire. Are you able to use my beard or chest area... READ MORE

Does my donor and hair type look good? (Photo)

Hey I'm booked for a ht in Turkey in May 2015 , was just after a view on wether my donar looks strong and wether wavy dark hair is good in a ht READ MORE

Are doctors able to estimate approx how many hair grafts the donor area can provide before the procedure? (Swedish female)

I recently had a hair transplant. 4 weeks ago I went for a consultation. I have thinned M hairline. A non-medical consultant suggested 1500 grafts for... READ MORE

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