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I'm a 31 yo male and I can't grow a full goatee. I can grow thick facial hair but not so much on my chin. I want a full beard?

I can't connect my mustache to my facial hair on either side so it looks pretty bad when I try. I want to have thick hair around the sides of my mouth... READ MORE

Has my beard transplant gone wrong? Hair growing perpendicularly?

I done a beard transplant 1yr ago..but most of the hair growing in wrong direction? Will it can be corrected? Is graft excision process applicable to... READ MORE

Will a beard transplant work if I have had a procedure that closed off blood vessels in the face?

I have rosacea and probably 5 or 6 years ago i had i think about 4 or 5 sessions where they used a laser to close off blood vessels to reduce redness.... READ MORE

Can I get a hair transplant when I'm 18, using hair from my beard to transplant to my head and eyebrow? (Photo)

I have a genetic disease called Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Displaysia. Basically my hair is really sparse. My problem is the hairline. I've been insecure... READ MORE

Would a beard transplant be possible? (photo)

I have a 5 inch long surgery scar that appears as a keloid . It is not bulky but looks flat but is still very noticeable... Would a beard transplant... READ MORE

How can I grow a beard fast? Vitamins, food, hormones?

How can fast grow beard? i m 21 years old. i want grow side of beard. please tell me what i should use, like vitamin,food,hormone ,Therapy i want like... READ MORE

Which facial wash to apply on my face after a beard transplant? (photo)

I had a beard transplant 3 days ago and my doctor told me to use Betadine shampoo to wash my head. However, it is not clear how can I wash my... READ MORE

i am 21 and still can't grow a beard.

I have little hairs on left and right chin side. no hair on the cheeks and on the chin. please help me grow beard READ MORE

How long do I wait to get beard transplant after after staph/strep infection in the jaw implant area?

I had a prety serious staph/strep infection in my right jaw implant, which was removed and has been controlled with IV and antibiotics. i have been... READ MORE

Is that mean minoxidile will help the growth of my beard?

I am 29 years old , i have vellus hair on my beard but they are not converting to terminal hair , i read on internet that minoxidile will work because... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get a Facial Hair Transplant Just for the Outline of the Beard and Can It Be Like a Perfect Smooth Curve?

I mean if you were to take a pen and draw a curve the transplanted hair would fall on that curve? Not a circular curve. READ MORE

I'm 20 years old still i don't have facial hair on my cheeks, why is this?my dad has a full beard.

Any medicines will you suggest to get faster hair .i've heard about vita beard does it really works ??? READ MORE

Is there anyway that I can get beard implant on one side of my face which is atrophied?

I am a 29 year old male and was diagnosed with Parry-Romberg Syndrome when I was 13. I had a facial fat transfer to fill the left side of my face... READ MORE

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