2 Weeks Post-op + Hair Transplant

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When I Can Lift Weights and Run After FUE Hair Transplant?

Hi all, 15 days ago I made a FUE HT. The clinic advised me to rest 14 days for lifting weights. It's been a while and I have really wanted to go to... READ MORE

12 days after hair transplant can I be using toppik and hairspray after hair transplant?

I have always use toppik fibre and Gatsby hairspray to make my scalp look fuller and darker, then combing both sides of the hair towards the centre... READ MORE

Did I Disrupt my Grafts After my Eyebrow Restoration?

I had an eyebrow restoration two weeks ago and I have completely left them alone, but recently (within the past two or three days) I have started to... READ MORE

Eyebrow Transplant: How Soon Will Cobblestones Appear? (photo)

On January 17, 2013, I underwent an eyebrow transplant procedure. I received 300 grafts per. brow and most of the crusting is gone. What I am noticing... READ MORE

Bumped my Head at 15th Day Postop Hair Transplant at Iron's Door Corner and It Started to Bleed. Have Any I Lost Any Grafts?

I had hair transplant 14 days ago.today is 15 th day post op.today i accidently bumped my head at iron's door corner.i had a small cut and it started... READ MORE

Eyebrows transplant touch up - How long should I wait? (photo)

Hi doc, i had 12 days ago eyebrows transplant. It was the fue method.I realized that the Doctor missed the area I wanted. The clinic said I should... READ MORE

Eyebrow Tranplantation Hair Fall off?

I had an eyebrow transplantation 12 days ago, from day 9 after the surgery till today ( day 12 ) i found my newly tranplanted hair fall off with crust... READ MORE

Are there any benefits with PRP? (photo)

I have just undergone a hairtransplant (FUE method) on 10 march 2014 After the Transplant I received a PRP treatment. Does anybody know if there are... READ MORE

Something is falling out from my head, 16 days post-operation. Is these scabs or hair follicles? (Photo)

I underwent my first transplant about 16 days ago and I started touching the transplanted hair more vigorously as of last night when I started feeling... READ MORE

I Was Just Wondering How Long Do the Stitches Stay Strong and Hold Everything Solid in Place? (FUT Hair Transplant)

I bent my neck too far in the shower by accident and felt a slight pull in the donor area. Am hoping I didn't stretch the scar 13 days post op. The... READ MORE

Can we see the roots after shedding of scabs? I'm on day 9 after hair transplant

Hello, i am on day 9th after my HT and i am experiencing initial shedding of scabs that too with hair and this is not only during shower but also when... READ MORE

Donor area is red and dehydrated. Can I use a moisturizer? Is it OK to rub the transplanted area after 2 weeks? (Photo)

Hello doctor/s Question 1 This is the second week after the (FUE) hair transplant, and the donor area still red and dehydrated, ist possible to use... READ MORE

I'm using Minioxidle w/ Finasteride tablet after 2 weeks of my FUT hair transplant. Does this help in hair growth acceleration?

Hello doc, i started using Tugain Gel 5% Minioxidle with Finasteride tablet after two weeks of my FUT hair transplant .... Does this help in hair... READ MORE

2 weeks post op Hair Transplant, the donor area is itchy. Is this normal?

Hello I have hair transplant (fue) 2 weeks ago, and the donor area keeps itching and feel like shrinking, am using vitamin "e" as I have been told to... READ MORE

Is the mixture of hair spray and sweat going to affect my transplant? Should I use Finasteride to regrow native hair?

11th day postoperative strip hair transplant (2800 grafts). All scabs gone. There are many transplanted hair.(1) I am using hair spray for many non... READ MORE

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