Thinning + Hair Loss Treatment

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I Am 58 Years Old Man and Have Thinning Eyebrows Related to Age. Is There a Remedy?

I'm 58 and have noticed that my eyebrows have thinned a lot since my youth when I had dark thick eyebrows. It makes my brows look see through and... READ MORE

Does a History of Hair Loss Mean I Will Definitely Lose Mine?

I am a male 24 yrs old and i have family history of hair loss. my brother has it , my dad has it and so does my grandfather from both sides. my dad... READ MORE

I Am a 44 Yr Old Women my Hair Has Been Thinning for About 7yrs. I Have Been Using Womens Rogaine for the Past 3yrs?

Does rogaine stop working after a while. I'm starting to see more hair loss then before as if the product has stopped working for me. what are the... READ MORE

Thin Hair From Braids and Weaves. How Can I Thicken it?

Had braids and weaves for year and used to have bald patches around my temples but it always grew back. I stopped pulling on my hair and weave and am... READ MORE

Hair Thinning and Damage, What are my Options?

I have always had gorgeous thick waist length hair. 8 months ago, about 1 year after a major traumatic event that caused day and night severe stress.... READ MORE

Hair thinning. Scalp almost visible. very upset? (photo)

I have never had very great hair.I'm a 22 year old female. and m going through a very bad time with my hair. Plenty of hair loss and hair line widened... READ MORE

Anything To Do To Strengthen Hair Growth? (photo)

As long as I can remember, I have always had thin hairs along my hairline. These never seem to grow out more than one inch. Now 26, I am starting to... READ MORE

What Kind of Doctor Do I See for Thinning Hair?

My hair has always been thin but now it is very noticeable. Ive been humiliated and called names. I cant live like this anymore, people are to hateful... READ MORE

Thinning hair: Hair loss in top of head - 27 Year Old, Male (Photo)

27 years old. Born with fine hair but never had a problem. Noticed that my hair at the top are weak and less than the other in rest of head. First... READ MORE

Do I have telogen effluvium or aga from stop using birth control?

I stopped birth control may 1st, in July I noticed my hair had thinned a lot. Within the next few months I have lost about half my hair. I have lost... READ MORE

Observing Thinning of Hairs and Receding Frontal Hairs?

I am observing thinning of hairs on top part of my head and my frontal hairs are also receding. Please suggest me a tried and trusted procedure, and... READ MORE

My Daughter, 14 is Suffering from Thining Hair, It Has Been Diagnosed As Genetic, Regaine Has Been Recommended?

Is regaine safe on a 14 year old, I have heard it can age you. What's the alternative? She has had all other tests done eg thyroid etc. READ MORE

Hair thinning and breakage. My doctor recommended hydrocortisone .1% for cheilosis. Any thoughts regarding this topic?

The hydrocortisone didn't help my condition but I noticed a marked hair growth in the area that I applied the product. decided to research... READ MORE

Will Minoxidil or laser therapy help a 64 yr old menopausal fm, on HRT, with all over thinning hair? (photo)

Thinning hair for 10 years. The dermatologist says I have thinning hair, all over, due to age and heredity. I have taken Biotin but never noticed a... READ MORE

I'm 32 and my hair is the worst it's ever been. Can this be linked to hormonal imbalance?

Im 32 , been experiencing hair thinning since the age of 17. Ive been on minoxidil up till now. Its almost like 1 year it looks ok and another it gets... READ MORE

Do I have telogen effluvium?

I am a 16 year old male and I have always had thick hair, about 6 months ago I noticed that my hair has been significantly thinning on top and I've... READ MORE

Can We Use Hair Extensions if We Have a Hair Loss and Thinning Problem?

Many people with hair loss have started using the black hair extensions for length and volume. READ MORE

Would hair still fall out after an FUE if injectable testosterone is being used for aesthetic purposes in the gym?

I'm 24 years old, my hair has been thinning probably since I was 19. I started taking propeica and minoxidil at that age as well as a preventive... READ MORE

Can Alopecia Come Back?

When i was 12 my mother began to notice a bald spot on the crown part of my head. The bald spot got bigger and i went to see a dermatologist, who said... READ MORE

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