Receding + Hair Loss Treatment

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Sudden Hair Loss at 20 Years Old and Receding Hairline? (photo)

Im a 20 year old male and since i was 18 ive always noticed ive had a slightly receded hairline starting to form. I figured it as normal and a... READ MORE

Eyebrows Loss from Minoxidil?

I used minoxidil for about 1 week because of hairline receding. Then, I got hair loss, which might be just a "shedding" process. Thus, I stopped using... READ MORE

Does minoxidil (Rogaine) show positive results for a 64 year old male?

Exhibiting fairly evenly thin hair overall, but stable for 15-20 years. Likewise, hairline receded, but also stable for 15-20 years. READ MORE

Regrowth of hair in male pattern baldness

Hi, I am Norwood 4 stage. Please help me to recover my hair. As I could not able to notice hair fall but my receding hairline and cortex region... READ MORE

Receding hairline fixes? My hairline has become very uneven and is starting to get thin at the top. (Photo)

I've always had a larger forehead, but in the last couple of years I've noticed my hairline is really starting to change. It's become very uneven and... READ MORE

Observing Thinning of Hairs and Receding Frontal Hairs?

I am observing thinning of hairs on top part of my head and my frontal hairs are also receding. Please suggest me a tried and trusted procedure, and... READ MORE

What can I do about acute hair fall at 21 and receding hairline?

I'm 21 years old and i am suffering from acute hair fall. Its not hereditary. This started about a year ago and it think it might be because of the... READ MORE

Solutions for hair loss. Medication vs. surgery.

Hi, I'm a 23 year old male. I've always had a taller hair line but in the last few months I've noticed significant thinning throughout the entire top... READ MORE

Would you recommend hair line lowering, hair grafting, or both? (photos)

Hello, I've always had a high hairline but over the last couple of years both sides of my hairline have receded a lot. This makes me very self... READ MORE

I'm 17 and my hair has started to thin and recede and thin. My GP told me nothing could be done, is he right?

I have thick curly hair but recently its been coming out in large quantities in the shower and I have noticed the top corners of my hair to be... READ MORE

Is my hairline receding? What can I do to stop it? (Photo)

I'm so young but my hairline is far back and slightly uneven. Is it receding, what can I do? READ MORE

Do I have a male pattern hair loss?

I have hairloss from a young age of 19.i am 22 now & i have lost 20% of my hair and it has receded a bit ,there are people who are bald in my family... READ MORE

How can I treat my receding hairline?

This started last 2009. I shaved my head and used to be bald ( not skin head) or in short hairs for two years but after I had decided that I had to... READ MORE

Normal hairline for early 20s? (Photo)

Is the lining in a good or receded range? READ MORE

What is the best thing to fix my hairline? (Photo)

I know of transplants and the cutting open and sowing forwards method. Are there any others, and which would be best to bring my hair line forwards... READ MORE

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