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I quit minoxidil after using 10 times. Will it make things worse? (Photo)

I quit minoxidil 2% after using 10 times, and now i m losing my hairs very fast on that area where i had applied it (hairline and temple area). I feel... READ MORE

Hair thinning after using Alpecin liquid for a year. Now hair loss is worse both crown and center. Am I allergic? (Photo)

Please see pictures attached for before Alpecin treatment and after Alpecin treatment. A year ago my hair was only thinning at the crown - a very... READ MORE

I am a 21 year old healthy female. How can I grow my hair back? (Photo)

I want to know what could of caused this?My hair is thick, I wash it once a week. I use mostly organic products. READ MORE

Why Are Before and Afters Posted a Certain Way?

Why is it that when theses before and after pics are taken on certain sites, 1) it doesn't look like the same guy? 2) they only show his hairline and... READ MORE

I have hair loss from discoid lupus - They are scars from treatment also - Can I get my hair back? (Photo)

I have done steroid shot for years in my head and got a small amount back just none in the scared areas READ MORE

I'm 18 and since I started growing out my hair it seems as if I'm losing hair, am I balding? (photo)

I've been growing out my hair for 11 months and I've noticed since a lot of hair falling, on the floor, pillow, while showering. Now my hair falls to... READ MORE

Thinning hair: Hair loss in top of head - 27 Year Old, Male (Photo)

27 years old. Born with fine hair but never had a problem. Noticed that my hair at the top are weak and less than the other in rest of head. First... READ MORE

Would cortisone injections be an option for my hair loss or is hair transplant surgery the only option? (photos)

I am suffering from hair loss around my temple area due to previous styling practices that caused tension. I have discontinued wearing styles that... READ MORE

Hair falling out - preventative suggestions needed. (photo)

I started using Himalayas Protein shampoo for a month along with Bajaj Almond drops oil during nights. Still, I see hair fall say 10 hairs or so,... READ MORE

I'm a woman with bald spots on the sides of my head, how do I get my hair to start growing? (photo)

I have a bald spots on the sides of my head and in the center. in those areas its just plain smooth skin. I already know that these problem areas have... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for FUE procedure? (photos)

Based on my pics am I a good candidate for FUE procedure? would it damage my existing hair?how many grafts will i need? is the Neograft a good tool to... READ MORE

I have had a nevus sebaceous birthmark removed from my head, causing hair loss around the wound. Is this normal? (photo)

The operation was 4 weeks ago and the wound was very tightly stitched after the removal and my skin felt extremely tight and gave me huge pain for the... READ MORE

Am a candidate for FUE Hair Transplant procedure? (Photo)

I'm 28 years old, I currently have gaps of thinning area. Would I be an ideal candidate for the FUE hair procedure? Currently taking Propecia for 4... READ MORE

Would you recommend hair line lowering, hair grafting, or both? (photos)

Hello, I've always had a high hairline but over the last couple of years both sides of my hairline have receded a lot. This makes me very self... READ MORE

I'm a woman in my mid 20’s with natural thick coarse hair. What is the best treatment for my reseeding hair line? (photos)

What will help my hair grow back? I do NOT perm/ use harsh chemicals, nor a extended amount of heat daily in my hair and do NOT wear it in very tight... READ MORE

How can I stop losing my hair? (photos)

Sir i am start losing question is how can i stop losing hair regrowing and how will be. READ MORE

The back of my hair seems to never grow and its really frustrating .What can I do to fix this? (photos)

Hi, i am a African american woman who has an issue with growing the nape area of my hair. i use to chemically relax my hair but i stopped two years... READ MORE

I'm 25 and my hair has thinned out incredibly fast at the front. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

I'm 25 and my hair has thinned out incredibly fast at the front... I pull my hands through my hair and 10+ strands come out. I've noticed it falling... READ MORE

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