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Would Laser Hair Therapy Help with Someone with Alopecia Areata?

I'm a 29 y.o. female w/alopecia areata as diagnosed by scalp biopsy. I initially thought I had female pattern baldness as it is mostly diffuse but... READ MORE

I have overcome trichotillomania (15 years ago as a teenager). How can I stimulate hair regrowth?

It lasted 2 years and then, in periods of stress for 5 years after, I pulled my hair here and there. Most of my hair has regrown, but is still thin... READ MORE

Would you recommend low lever laser therapy (LLLT) for hair loss?

Hi, I am of age 23 and has been facing drastic hairfall since my age of 18. Even though my hairfall is not that dramatic now but my scalp is pretty... READ MORE

For my 15 Yyr Old Alopecia Areata, Which Laser Treatment is Better, PUVA or Revage 670?

I am suffering from Alopecia Areata for last 15 years. Due to lack of knowledge of Alopecia Areata, I was not able to find a correct treatment or... READ MORE

I'm An IPL Technician and Starting to Lose Hair. Could It Be From The Light From IPL Flash?

Ive started working as an ipl technician for the past year, I have black hair on my head and i have noticed my hair snapping and breaking and getting... READ MORE

Would Theradome laser helmet help with men losing hair at 44 years old? (Photo)

Would Theradome laser helmet help with men losing hair @ 44 years old? I am using minoxidil 5% for 10 years, hair max comb 3 months & head & shoulder... READ MORE

Are There Any Products or Lasers That Will Slow or Pause Hair Growth on a Mans Face?

About 10 years ago, I saw a news segment which showed a man getting laser on his beard hair to pause or slow hair regrowth temporarily. I've searched... READ MORE

Beard hair loss and potential treatment. I've used Minoxidil for one year. Should I use it longer?

Hi, İ have done laser hair removal on my beard area, i didn't like the results so i decided to use minoxidil and in some areas it has begun new thin... READ MORE

Is hair loss from heavy alcohol use reversible?

I was never a drinker until I lost my job. For 4 months I was drinking heavily and I noticed I lost a lot of hear. I quit drinking all together, am... READ MORE

I have hair miniaturization and hair loss. I am considering laser therapy and comparing devices based on wavelength and #diodes

If one laser has 650nm and 224 diodes will it be more or less effective than one with 678nm and 80 diodes for head? One gives higher wavelength and... READ MORE

Do these treatment options work for female hair loss / thinning? (Low level laser, Saw Palmetto, Topical Solutions, Biotin)

25-year old female hair thinning for the past 3 months gradually worsening. Diagnosed as female pattern baldness, was prescribed the following: -low... READ MORE

What are the safe settings used for low level laser treatment for hair loss/thinning ?

What specific settings (wave length, frequency, type of laser etc) are safe for treating female pattern baldness? READ MORE

Need suggestions. Is LLLT effective? (Photo)

Hi attached my scalp pic. I am from India,Tamil Nadu enquired for hair re growth. A doctor suggested me for HT 2700-3000grafts required. But is there... READ MORE

Are the clinical low laser light treatments (LLT) more effective than the home devices for AGA hair loss in women?

I am a 53 year old female. I recently visited a hair restoration clinic for possible andronogenic alopecia hair loss (appointment pending with... READ MORE

Would light laser therapy and minoxidil help? (Photo)

I have seen a dermatolgist and have been told I need light laser therapy and minoxidil would this help? He looked at my head through the microscope I... READ MORE

I am going through hair laser treatment at the moment and it's not helping.

I'm a 20 year old female. Iv been hair less on the top of my hair since I was 13 . Through my childhood i had beautiful long hair . but on the top of... READ MORE

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