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Sudden Hair Loss at 20 Years Old and Receding Hairline? (photo)

Im a 20 year old male and since i was 18 ive always noticed ive had a slightly receded hairline starting to form. I figured it as normal and a... READ MORE

What is the Best Recommended Treatment for First Signs of Hair Loss/balding? (photo)

(I.e. Hair Thinning Around Hairline and Crown) Hello, I am a 23yr old male. I have noticed my hair has thinned considerably at the crown, temples, and... READ MORE

Is It Possible for Drug Induced Telogen Effluvium to Trigger Premature Androgenic Alopecia? (photo)

I was on roaccutane 3 years ago at 16 for acne and as a result experienced telogen effluvium just after finishing. I had no signs of MPB before... READ MORE

Receding hairline fixes? My hairline has become very uneven and is starting to get thin at the top. (Photo)

I've always had a larger forehead, but in the last couple of years I've noticed my hairline is really starting to change. It's become very uneven and... READ MORE

Do dents (atrophy) caused by steriod injections ever get better/go away?

I had steriod injections twice for a mild bald patch, last shot being in May 2013. After having these shot i have now got a dent (sunk in skin) on my... READ MORE

Is there anything that can Regrow my hairline naturally?

At the beginning of the summer my hair line was thin on one side but toward the beginning of July my hairline was receding more and more and now it... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get Only a Few Hair Transplants?

I have traction alopecia in the front of my hairline, from a very tight bun. I can literally see the tiny bald places where there are no hair... READ MORE

What options do I have to reduce the size of my hairline? Can you recommend a good surgeon? (Photo)

I'm a feI'm a female (18 y/o) I have a receeding hairline due to my hair pulled back in a ponytail in my childhood years. I feel very uncomfortable... READ MORE

I'm a 19 year old female. What can I do to stop my hair from thinning?

There's no history of hair loss in the women of my family. The thinning is sudden, and all over most noticeably at the front of my hairline and... READ MORE

Solutions for hair loss. Medication vs. surgery.

Hi, I'm a 23 year old male. I've always had a taller hair line but in the last few months I've noticed significant thinning throughout the entire top... READ MORE

What can I do about acute hair fall at 21 and receding hairline?

I'm 21 years old and i am suffering from acute hair fall. Its not hereditary. This started about a year ago and it think it might be because of the... READ MORE

My hairline is suffering from Traction Alopecia, will it ever fully recover? (photo)

I am 16 years old and a boy. I used to have long hair ever since I was a child and that hair would be tied as a bun on top of my head. I got a haircut... READ MORE

Scalp Reduction/Facelift/hair Restoration?

Hi im a male in my 20s and i know when the time is ready i want a facelift. i also know that if i do lose my hair i will also look into scalp... READ MORE

Would you recommend hair line lowering, hair grafting, or both? (photos)

Hello, I've always had a high hairline but over the last couple of years both sides of my hairline have receded a lot. This makes me very self... READ MORE

Will my hair grow back after BCC excision trauma?

I had a half inch basal cell carcinoma removed within the hair line. An elliptical section a little less than two inches by three quarter wide was... READ MORE

30 year old male, does my hair fall out? (Photo)

I had always very good hair and no problems all throughout my 20s. My hair line has always been very high but lately it seems to be thinning and... READ MORE

I've been treating a thinning hairline/baldspot with minoxidil, but it's thin again. Should I continue to use minoxidil?

Gasp! Last yr a technician accidentally burnt off my hair close to my hairline and I use minoxidil for a couple months and it grew back. Now that area... READ MORE

Hair loss patch in the middle of my hairline. Is my hair damaged, balding or will it regrow on its own?(Photo)

I've recently noticed a small patch in the middle of my hairline that doesn't look as full of hair as the rest of my hairline. I noticed the patch... READ MORE

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