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I've Read Excessive Masturbation Can Cause Hair Loss, Is This True?

I read in many health and fitness websites that excessive masturbation results in hair loss, because of the release of dht hormones after one... READ MORE

Hair Loss After Schwarzkopf Hair Smoothing?

I am Indian woman, 32 years old, veg, got married in April. After 10 days shifted to Atlanta. 15 days before marriage, i had got schwarzkopf hair... READ MORE

I Go to Gym Everyday and Workout.I Wanted to Know if It Somehow Effects the Growth of my Hair?

I am working out everyday. And I feel a significant change in my hair for I can clearly feel my hair getting less. I can see my head now. I am so... READ MORE

Hormone Imbalance and Hair Loss Are They Related? (photo)

Is it true stress over a prolonged period of time can cause hair loss, and "flight-or-flight" syndrome? I work night shift as a security... READ MORE

Is Sudden Patchy Hair Loss from Adderall Telogen Effluvium or Temporary Shedding? (photo)

I started losing hair on adderall within 4-5 days after the dose was increased from 20 mg once a day to 20 mg twice a day. i started using minoxidil... READ MORE

How Does Male Pattern Baldness Usually Start?

Recently the back of my head has been experiencing irritation. It was a burning sensation then it became a stingy feeling and thinner hair. This... READ MORE

What Factors Effect Hair Loss and Dht Levels?

Im starting to experience hair loss and im trying to figure out what exactly causes high dht levels. Ive read that excessive masturbation or sexual... READ MORE

Hair Loss 5 Years Post Breast Aug. Correlation? Causes? Options?

Hi, I had a Breast Augmentation 5 years ago. Since then I have lost over 1/2 my hair. I have been to 3 Dr.'s including a Dermatologist. My blood... READ MORE

21 and going bald - causes? What potential treatment should I use? (Photo)

I'm a 21 year old male and have noticed my hair falling out. I was wondering if anyone knew the cause of it and what potential treatment I should use. READ MORE

I am a 21 year old healthy female. How can I grow my hair back? (Photo)

I want to know what could of caused this?My hair is thick, I wash it once a week. I use mostly organic products. READ MORE

I'm 17 and I'm terrified of going bald I'm a female and idk what to do about my hair. My hair is so thin and falling (Photo)

I use to wash my hair everyday also with heat and I been in point in my life with traumatic stress depression and idk if this is what causing my hair... READ MORE

How can I treat my hair loss?

I am 57 years old. for the past 6 years I have lost almost all of my hair. I had blood tests for hormonal changes, iron shortages, etc. I have been... READ MORE

I'm An IPL Technician and Starting to Lose Hair. Could It Be From The Light From IPL Flash?

Ive started working as an ipl technician for the past year, I have black hair on my head and i have noticed my hair snapping and breaking and getting... READ MORE

I'm 32 and my hair is the worst it's ever been. Can this be linked to hormonal imbalance?

Im 32 , been experiencing hair thinning since the age of 17. Ive been on minoxidil up till now. Its almost like 1 year it looks ok and another it gets... READ MORE

What hair loss causes are the most difficult to treat making it impossible for hair to grow back?

I'm a 22 year old female with untreated/undiagnosed hair loss since I was 18. I'm worried that depending on the cause, my hair won't be able to grow... READ MORE

How can I treat hormonal hair loss? I'm not sure if this is the problem.

Hair falling problem due to Harmonal or other problem I am upload my hairs picture below READ MORE

I'm experiencing increased hair loss and missing period (3 months). I'm only 18 years old. What could it be?

I'm experiencing increased hair loss and missing period (3 months). I'm only 18 years old. What could it be ? READ MORE

I use spironolactone to treat female pattern hair loss. Why does it cause menstrual irregularities?

After stopping Yasmin per my doctors recommendation, I only take 100mg of spironolactone daily for my female pattern hairloss. I often end up having 2... READ MORE

My eyebrow stopped growing when I was 10 years old. Is there anything I can do to make it grow fuller?

Hey, ever since i was 10 years my eyebrow stopped growing..... i have been using castor oil for my eyebrow and hair but its still not working, as for... READ MORE

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