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Traction Alopecia. Recovered 65% But Still Have Wide Part Lines? (photo)

I wore clip on hair ext for 5 yrs, gave them up 1 1/2 years ago after discovering traction alopecia. My hair has recovered approx 65% but I still have... READ MORE

Can a 33 Year Old Women Who Plans Never to Have Kids Use Propecia for Hair Loss?

I am a 33 year old female who has androgenetic alopecia. I have had some mild improvements with minoxidil but not entirely to my satisfaction. I have... READ MORE

What Are My Options With Alopecia Universalis To Get Eyebrows and Lashes Back?

I Am a 39yr Old Male and Have Alopecia Universalis. What Treatment Options Do I  Have to  get my eyebrows and eyelashes back? What other... READ MORE

Hair Shedding After 2 Years of Minoxidil Use?

I'm a 27 year old female diagnosed with androgenetic alopecia and have been regularly using 5% minoxidil for the last 2 years. My hair fall had... READ MORE

I have androgenetic apolepcia as well. And I'm only 19 years old. Is a hair transplantation a solution?

Hello. I have androgenetic apolepcia as well. And I'm only 19 years old (Soon 20) My frontal hair has receded a lot) My father is bald. I'm really... READ MORE

Can Alopecia Come Back After Five Years?

When i was about 12, my mother noticed a bald spot. eventually more hair began to fall out, and i lost most of the midsection of my hair. I went to... READ MORE

Is There Cosmetic Surgery with Hair for Eyebrows for Male W/ Alopecia Universalis? Success Rate?

I am a male...had Alopecia for 22 yrs. I have very minimal wispy whitish brows...almost appears completely gone. Is there a surgerical procedure with... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get Only a Few Hair Transplants?

I have traction alopecia in the front of my hairline, from a very tight bun. I can literally see the tiny bald places where there are no hair... READ MORE

I Think I Have Alopecia Areata. What Will Happen if I Leave It Untreated?

I'm F 29 yrs. There is a spot in my head, 7cm diameter, right at the top, middle front of my head , that is thinning more and more, and it looks like... READ MORE

How Tight Does a Hat/cap Have to Be to Restrict Blood Supply to the Hair? Reduced Blood Flow Speed Up Genetic Alopecia?

Hello, I wear a cap most days and especially now that I seem to be loosing my hairline. Is it possible for the tight part of the cap (band) to reduce... READ MORE

Rogaine for Traction Alopecia?

Hi, im a 21 years old man and I have a thin patch on top of my head caused from pulling at my hair which I used to gel. If I stop using Rogaine to... READ MORE

I think I have traction alopecia since I caught the stages early can my hair grow back? Does biota botanicals help?

I was wearing extensions for a week they are clip ins. I never wore them until a week ago and when I wore them I started noticing alot of hair coming... READ MORE

Traction Alopecia? (photo)

Can I use minoxidil alone or does it need to be used simultaneously with injection to see results? I had injections from a dermatologist twice in... READ MORE

Why Has my Hair Been the Same Length for Years? Its a Small Bush in the Nape Area. (photo)

Its been like this for 6 years ever since I permed my hair , it broke off and it never grew back. I cut my permed hair and have been natural ever... READ MORE

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