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The Future of Hair Restoration: This Doctor Makes His Predictions

Dr. Ryan Welter shares what's next in the world of hair restoration. VIEW NOW

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Is Hair Cloning Real?

Ever heard of hair cloning? Dr. Ryan Welter explains what it is and if it works. VIEW NOW

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I'm Losing My Hair! What Are My Options?

Dr. Ryan Welter explains your hair loss treatment options, both over-the-counter and surgically. VIEW NOW

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What's New in Hair Restoration? Your Answer in 1 Minute

Learn about the latest in hair restoration, courtesy of Dr. Ryan Welter. VIEW NOW

This Doctor Says You Can Stop Hair Loss With No Drugs, Surgery, or Side Effects

Getting a hair transplant isn't your only option, says Dr. Amiya Prasad. Learn more. VIEW NOW

Robotic Hair Restoration: How It's Changing the Game, According to This Doctor

Dr. Craig L. Ziering gives a brief overview of robotic hair restoration and how it's changing hair transplants as we know them. VIEW NOW

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See How 1,400 Grafts Changed This Man's Hairline

Using NeoGraft, Dr. James W. Goodnight changed this man's hairline. See how. VIEW NOW

6 Months of PRP in 35 Seconds — Does It Work for This Woman?

Follow this woman's six-month journey as she gets PRP to treat hair loss. VIEW NOW

Traction Alopecia: What You Need to Know About Losing Your Hair

Dr. Jeff Donovan explains traction alopecia, a common cause of hair loss. VIEW NOW

35 Seconds of FUE: Watch This Man's Hair Transplant (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Jae Pak demonstrates how FUE works in a hair transplant. VIEW NOW

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This Man Had Scalp Micropigmentation — See His Results

Meet a patient of Dr. Jae Pak's who had scalp micropigmentation. VIEW NOW

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You Don't Have to Shave Your Head for FUE, Says This Doctor

Many people don't want their head shaved for a FUE transplant. Learn what Dr. Marco Barusco offers instead. VIEW NOW

NeoGraft, ARTAS, and More: Which Device Should I Use for My Hair Transplant?

Dr. Marco Barusco details the steps of an FUE hair transplant including the differences in devices. VIEW NOW

Is a FUE Hair Transplant Really a "Scarless" Procedure?

Dr. Marco Barusco discusses the FUE hair transplant procedure. VIEW NOW