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What's Up with These Bald Spots on my Lower Legs? (photo)

Hi, I'm a 30 year old man with hairy legs, but two fairly similar bald spots on the front of my lower legs. This is a cause of embarrassment because... READ MORE

I Am 55 Years Old Male, my Eyebrows Have Become Total White, I Am Scared to Apply Any Black Colour?

I am 54 year male, my eyebrows have become totally while, it looks very odd. i am scared to apply any chemical or colours or dye. please suggest me... READ MORE

Non-surgical options for male baldness?

Hi im 27 years old got bald in the frontal area of head even my father has the same .Please suggest me good hair transplantation non surgical methods READ MORE

Question about scalp massage and the possible effect on the forehead and corresponding facial features such as the eyebrows

Hello. I'm a 32 yo male and have been doing scalp massage with a brush to help with itchiness and thinning hair. What I do is plant the brush on my... READ MORE

Are there any hair treatments to make hair fine and thin?

I have black colored hair, its a bit wavy but mostly straight. I heard the darker your hair colour the thicker it is, and this is my case. I do not... READ MORE

Does Plucking Prevent Mustache Hair from Growing Normally?

WhenI was around 18, I used to pluck my mustache. I did it every now and then but one day I decided to let it all grow out so I can line it up as I... READ MORE

Latino Male of Mexican Descent. Can I Use a Chemical Relaxer to Put my Hair Down?

My hair is naturally spiked! As in straight up hair that never tilts or stays down. My dad has that smooth shinny curly black hair and my mom had... READ MORE

For Guys - Does a Lot of Hair Signify Youthfulness?

For the plastic surgeons, what are your thoughts on this- the more hair the more youthful one looks? (On men)? This seems to be the case for the... READ MORE

I'm 25 yr old male with white hair growth on my beard. How I can stop white hair growth? (photos)

Hw I cn stop to grow white hair nd ''make them black''I don't smoke ''' READ MORE

Hair Fall due to Dandruff (oily Hair Scalp). Any treatment would you recommend? (photos)

I have hair loss & have massive dandruff problems which causes hair fall.i am suffering from this problem since 2012. After Every 4 months, i have to... READ MORE

Can Genetic Hair Make Up Can Be Changed?

I'm 22 year old indian boy. I 've very stiff porcupine kind of hair that always stands straight on the top of my head. Running a comb doesn't help. Is... READ MORE

What Shampoo & Conditioner do you recommend for men?

I m currently using dove which i heard is more of feminine. I am looking for a good option of shampoo & conditioner for men. I am also using altris... READ MORE

How to cure my premature greying? (photos)

Hi im an Indian 18 year old male who is suffering heavily from premature greying... almost my whole head is greying except my facial hair like beard... READ MORE

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