How a Tummy Tuck Works [video]

By A. Foley

Check out videos from the RealSelf webinar "Moms Who Want Their Bodies Back.


Part 1: Elizabeth Lee, MD explains how having a baby causes stretched out skin and muscles, and the manner in which a tummy tuck surgery repairs and tightens the abdomen.


Part 2: Kimmers25 tells us about her personal experience undergoing a tummy tuck and breast lift.


Part 3: JenBob discusses her Mommy Makeover.


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She did an excellent job with the black patient she actually looks the best. I wish she would have gave more info it looks like there was a hernia repair along with the procedure. Would love more info SMH!!
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She really rushed past the black girl tuck information. lol She spent much more time all the other women. Great presentation though and useful information. That why I just would not have trusted no other Dr. but my Dr. who was the same skin complexion as myself. Just to be treated fairly especially under the knife and sleep 3 hours. lol Funny how folks are.
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I need a tummy tuck I have an hmo and have lost 40 lbs. and have skin hanging I have lost 45 inches and work out for 3years and I am a very small lady I had a ruptured appendix at the age of 5 years so I have never had a good looking stomach. I have had infections from the skin folding over the adhesion all my life and now my back is hurting a lot I am a young 68 year old woman if you want to see pictures I will send them to you to see .please help I have united health care. I am Shirley adsit 9517868814
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Thank you both for putting these up. I'm calling to book my appointment right now.
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Wow to both of you. Jen ..... So funny and you look fantastic. Thank you both x
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