ProFractional Laser Overview

By RealSelf
ProFractional is a fractional laser skin resurfacing treatment purported to improve skin tone and texture, fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and dyschromias (skin discolorations). ProFractional laser is manufactured by Sciton and uses a 2940nm wavelength.

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How good the skin will look like after the procedure? Does the patient will feel of pain after the procedure of the pro fractional done??
I have acne scares and between fine and deep wrinkles in my face, I will go through pro fractional treatment at the end of August , what is the side effect for this treatment? Is it alright to do it during summer time ??
I have fine wrinkles in my face with acne scars and I will go through pro fractional treatment , what is its side effect if there is any after the procedure ? Does the skin will look differently? How long it will take to be cured?