Redness + Glycolic Peel

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Redness and Crusting After Glycolic Peel

I just received a glycolic facial peel yesterday for the first time ever. Today, I woke up and saw my chin area bright red, scabby-looking, dry,... READ MORE

Burns After Applying Glycolic Acid Peel 70%?

I used to apply gycolic acid 35%regularly I was okay with that so I applied 70% this time. I had sever burning sensation, I immediately washed it off... READ MORE

When Does the Redness from a Glycolic Peel Go Away?

I recently used a 30 percent glycolic peel on my face and neck. I left it on for 10 min. My face got crusty and dry and scabbed where i had acne. My... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Put on Sunless Tanner After a Glycolic Acid Peel?

I am doing an at home treatment for glycolic acid peel. I use sunless tanner afterwards so it helps with the redness the next day. Is this safe? READ MORE

Used Glycolic Acid Peel and Have Red Raised Splotches; Are They Burns?

I bought a 35%glycolic 45% lactic acid peel to use at home. I used it a year ago,being cautious left in on for only 30 secs.My skin was exfoliated... READ MORE

Possible Scar Tissue After Glycolic Peel? (photo)

I had a glycolic peel done about 4 years ago and after the treatment the skin around my nose and upper lip were VERY raw.My esthetician told me to... READ MORE

Is this a burned face after glycolic peel?

My check area is very red and i feel burning sensation for two days already. In my forehead i got scratches. my face really looks horrible. I feel so... READ MORE

Red Marks Remaining After a Glycolic Peel Burn, Should I be Worried?

I had a glycolic peel at a clinic which burnt my skin, crusted and peeled over a week. My main concern now is 3 1/2 weeks later I still have red... READ MORE

30% glycolic acid peel at home mild burning...when will it begin to work?

I have tried 30% glycolic acid peel at home first I have done a patch test on a small area on my skin the test was fine I felt very mild tingling... READ MORE

How to Treat Skin Discoloration After Using Glycolic Peel?

I used glyco peel 30% for 15 min. It was my 7th application already. After the peel, i was tempted to removed the visible dead skin to the area of... READ MORE

Any Ways to Speed Up Healing from Redness Glycolic Peel?

I had a 70% Glycolic Peel done last week. It's still a bit sore and my face but it stings and there's still a bit of peeling left in my face. I'm just... READ MORE

Just Got a Glycolic Peel 2 Days Ago, but I Suddenly Have Red Painful Marks All over my Face. Normal? (photo)

Just got a glycolic peel 2 days ago, but I suddenly have red painful marks scattered all over my face. Is this normal? READ MORE

Post glycolic burn? (photo)

I have applied a glycolic acid 70 only on pustules on my face and then found rednesd in the same places I applied is now for 3 weeks. Can I... READ MORE

Glycolic peel 25% left on for a few minutes, is the redness and lump normal? (photo)

Also has the peel burnt my skin? Will it begin to peel in a few days? And how long until I can do it again? Will my skin scar from the red bump or is... READ MORE

I just had A 30% glycolic acid peel done 2 Days ago but the redness is still apparent. What should I do?

The redness is still apparent will it subside if not what actions should I take to calm the redness down let me know please Thank you.I dont have any... READ MORE

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